Any know where I can good Skunky SKUNK?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by medicaliOG, May 9, 2011.

  1. There are a lot of skunks out there and I want to know which ones truly where good skunk. I used to get really good skunk a long time ago and haven't seen much like it since. Not at our shops at least :eek: .

    So My question being Do know where do get good skunk genetics?

  2. look on the interweb!
  3. White Label Seeds Super Skunk.
  4. if youre looking for that classic skunk smell, the stinkiest skunk strain ive ever encountered was cheesewreck. other than that, most dutch skunk strains tend to have a more fruity "sweet skunky aroma" than the classic raw skunks ass smell. the best "skunks ass" skunk comes from the east coast of america (sorry cali, we beat you on this one). the best skunks are in the massachusetts super skunk family. however, like i said, cheesewreck is a strain that will evacuate houses and have people calling pest control and taking baths in tomato juice lol.

    good luck
    addicted to the skunk
    earth laughs in flowers
    good luck /\/igga!

  5. I know Man I used to Smoke all that good skunk in Vermont(eastcoaster myself born n raised in VT) , haunt seen it in cali and i Really miss it. Yes i am looking for that skunks ass smell.
  6. vermont definitely has some nice buds. the outdoor industry is huge in northern vt. every time i go there i am treated to some awesome ganja.

    as far as the skunk search goes, cheesewreck is hands down the smelliest bud i have ever smoked. i have rolled a blunts of that stuff indoors and had people outside complain about the smell as soon as i opened the jar. indeed, whenever there is a skunk trapped in my backyard that was trying to attack my peach tree, the smell gives me a flashback to smoking this bud.

    Seedism Cheese Wreck Feminized

    not sure if this is the same stuff, but its certainly not a bad choice no matter what. im assuming it was this because it was from medical growers, and this is the only cheesewreck strain i can find on the internet. this is a good bet.
  7. Dutch Passion Orange bud has been my favorite 100% skunk strain so far but it has a very orange taste. Flying Dutchmen Power Skunk is very potent and has a very skunky smell to it :smoke:
  8. I think this guy has it

    [ame=]YouTube - smoking[/ame]
  9. why not go with the original... like seedsman's Original Skunk #1.

    seems like a good place to start. ive been considering this strain for a long time and think im going to go with it next time.
  10. R.K.S.(reallly killer skunk) from reserva privada. get a big filter!

  11. Agree wholeheartedly , I still keep a couple of mothers of Skunk 1 around , along
    with the Hindu Skunk ( or Skunk Kush) that is no.1 crossed over Hindu Kush , different
    flavor and taste than the newer 'fruity' sty;e Skunks , both good to great yielders and
    fairly pest and disease resistant..

    They bothtend to be reminiscent of the early era in Skunks , if I ever get the chance I'll cross them both over the Mass Super Skunk in an effort to duplicate the Roadkill
    skunks of a bygone era.

  12. Blahaha had me geeking out loud! This guy def has it!

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