any kits?

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  1. are there any hydroponic kits that work well for cannabis out there?
  2. Why yes sir....yes there are!
  3. dont waste your money man its sooooooooooo simple to make your own
    search for rumples bubble bucket guide for example
  4. You know it Screw!

    Start here!
    Once you've had most of your questions answered... look up the bubble bucket construction it's the best DIY Kit out there

    5 Gallon bucket
    Aquarium pump with hose and 1" airstone
    General Hydroponics Micro and Bloom nutrients
    (You'll only need about one pint each for your first grow if it's a small light. Use the Lucas Method for mixing and care)
    Then you just need a light
    Compact Florescents work fine for a stealth grow using about 4-6 per plant (No part of the plant should be more than 6" from a bulb)
    1 150-250W HPS bulb
    (You can get a good quality one by converting a security light yourself)

    Should you use a small light like that you'll want to make sure you use LST
    to keep your plant height all the same distance from the bulb.

    Sound like too much? It isn't at all.

    Just start reading the FAQ from the top to the bottom and plan your space out. By the time you've read 3/4ths of it you'll have a lot more information and be much more confident about what you're doing. :)

    With this setup it's simple, cheap and VERY effective so even if you make a few mistakes you're going to be just fine. :)

    GROW ON!
  5. could u link me to some then?

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