Any Keyboard Enthusiasts Around Here?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by llllllllll, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I sport a Leopold FC660C - Topre Switch.. weighted to 45g. Easily the best keyboard I have ever used in my life but I've only typed on a handful of keyboards that cost more than $150. only Topre board i've ever used aswell.

    I used to fucc with a steelseries 6GV2 w/ Cherry MX Brown Switches.. but I spilled a little soda in a key and said i'll just pony up for the topre-life.

    custom braided&coiled cable from a guy doing them online.
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  2. I like IBM mechanical keyboards.

    I am more into typewriters. have a Selectric III which sounds like a muffled machine gun, and an Underwood.

    I do not have a mechanical keyboard now, and am stuck with a cheap dell keyboard.

  3. There is a lot of love out there in the mech keyboard community for IBM and other "oldschool" keyboard makers . Most of them use the buckling spring style of switches which I dont personally know a whole lot about and haven't used that often.

    I've never even personally used a typewriter before.. but I can definitely understand the appeal to collect and play with/restore them... each likely has its own "sound" and feel, same with keyboards. I'd take more interest in them if I had a use for them besides a desk ornament, but sadly I dont.
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  4. I have a Chinese mechanical with mx blues. It's pretty nice, great build quality.
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  5. I rock a Func KB 460, with cherry mx reds.

    I will likely switch over to a corsair product soon. I love the func, but if I spill anything at all on it then it is useless for 4-5 hours.
  6. func, thats a brand i have not heard in many many years. They used to make the BEST mousepads back in the early 2k's.

    got a pic?
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  7. haha ya, same people, they later went on to make some mice and keyboards. They were recently acquired by fnatic esports team. Great gear always came from them, by gamers, for gamers.
  8. Not yet, getting a fancy keyboard and mouse are the last thing on my budget to get, but I plan on getting a sick rainbow led mechanical keyboard eventually.
  9. I am using a Corsair K200 with Cherry MX Brown Switches.
  10. Right now I am reliving hearing songs with predominate steel pedal guitar in them ...honky tonk music if you will

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