Any jeepers out there?

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  1. I have a D35 and LP30. The dana 35 has 30 spline chromoly shafts and a locker and the front is stock but with a locker.

    never had a problem with my 35s and im not nice to my jeep. The D35 gets a bad rap but its actually not a bad axle. Ive seen guys with 37s on the D35 and they did just fine. :)

  2. why D80s?
  3. I've been told the 80's have a larger ring gear and pinion and that equates to more surface area in contact therefore stronger.

  4. D60s, 14bolts (full float), 9"s will handle anything you can throw at them and have a way larger after market support and are easier/cheaper to find and build.

    no point in using D80s unless you are getting them for free or just a few bucks. there is nothing wrong with using D80s at all, just not common and would cost more.

    what are you end goals with your rig? a d60/14b will handle a huge V8 and 40"+ tires all day. 9"s will too but are typically more expensive because of them having third members.
  5. The only reason im thinking 80s is cause a local farmer has a truck he may be junking out, therefore that equates to free or near free for me. But I'm always scouring craigslist for parts.
  6. Then D80s are a good choice! Can never beat prices like that. I hope you can get them :)
  7. Just ordered the rough country 4" n2o lift kit. I said the hell with my 2.5" lift. 480 shipped to my door by Tuesday with my jeep forum discount. Shhhaaaaaawiiiing.
  8. YEA im getting a 90's XJ with rustys offraod 3.5" lift AND 32" PRO COMP tires. im looking into buying the jeep right now then the lift and tires, after that im gunna build a 4X 12" subwooferbox and VIBE AUDIO components speakers. thing should be pretty rediculous lol. cant wait
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    make sure your box is bolted to the floor if you plan on wheelin haha

    a few old videos







  10. ^ sweet wheelin vids
  11. Im usually the one behind the cameras so there is very little video or photos of my rig
  12. Did anyone else read the write up of the jeep in HOTROD mag this month?

  13. :confused:

    One of my friends is building something pretty sweet:

    Willy's Rat Rod Project

    CJ2A Rat Rod :D

  14. ^ doesnt get any better than that
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    that rat rod is clean,, needs something oldschool like og willy tires.
  16. Its amazing what you can get done in 4hrs. Waiting on springs till Tuesday.

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  17. Sweet Moses, our jeeps look nearly identical. Do you just pull out the flap at the bottom of the windows then pull up to remove them from the half doors?
  18. I think. I haven't put a top on it in years.
  19. Last night at 1:15am the horn on my jeep went off and wouldnt stop going off so I had to pull the fuse out. Woke up the entire apartment complex :(

    gonna have to buy a new clock spring :(

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