Any jeepers out there?

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    My 95 jeep cherokee is a hotrod, no radio, no ac. No power accessories. Straight 6 with the auto trans. (sadly) 267000 miles and counting

    Whenever its done being my daily driver I wanna start modding it. plans are:

    Blown hemi, gear reduction rockwells/custom trac width, 45''s, and turn the back end into a truck guys know what im talkin about when I say that.


    put a blower on the 6, 4 speed,18" wheels& tires, lower it with an IFS and a new rear suspension and go DRIFTING (admit it, seeing a jeep beat 86 carolla ass would be the best)

    Anyway those are just pipe dreams.

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  2. I wouldnt put a hemi in it if your going with tires that big. Thats a recipe for disaster. And I dont know about turning to fast in jeeps, especially drifting. Unless its in snow :D How low would you take it?

  3. you may want to re think doing all that in a unibody vehicle. not saying it cant be done but youll need a cage and every frame stiffener known to man. Ive seen a few build where people have cut out the floor boards completely and built a custom frame though.

    either way I hope whatever you end up doing comes out how you want it :D
  4. I know it would take alot of work to do either of those, im entirely admitting their pipe dream status.

    Why would the hemi not be a good idea? Maybe a turbo diesel on propane would be better?

    I drift in the snow all the damn time, every chance I get lol
  5. I dont see anything wrong with doing a Hemi conversion. Its been done a lot and has a lot of after market support. for me, it would either be the Hemi or an LSx motor.
  6. No LS for me, its mopar or no car.
  7. Thats why i built the I6 in mine. Mopar stays in mopar. Although sadly i will be swapping a 700R4 in it when my current tranny gives up...
  8. Got an 03 TJ SE 5spd, its got the 4 banger. Sucks on the highway, but havent had a problem offroad. Wouldve waited for the 4.0, but I got an awesome deal from my boss that I couldnt resist. I also love the color, Ive only seen 1 other in my area and a handful since Ive had it.

    The pic is when I first got it. I dont have the most recent pic, but the list of upgrades since I took that pic are....

    Zone 3'' lift
    Bed-lined the tub
    Spray painted the console, dash and all things I could get my hands on to make it look better.


    My future upgrades include...

    1.25'' BL
    ZJ tie-rod swap
    Rust removal

    I dont do much offroading so I really dont need to go crazy with lockers and beefier axles. I was planning on throwing a v8 in, but I weighed the options and its just not worth it to me. With about $2k more into it Ill be content.
  9. if you put that 1.25" body lift on, youll make the 33s look really small. Thats what happened to me and I just had to toss some 35s under neath.

    everything else sounds great though. even the body lift but just keep in mind it may make the 33s look small.

    also had a JK on 42s and super charged roll into the shop yesterday.



    its set up for 37s but the guy who owns it got bored with it so he built a tube buggy and put some 42s on this to drive on the street.
  10. ^ That is fucking cool.

  11. It definitely will, but I dont want to add 35s just yet. Its a pretty involved process. If I wheel my dana 35 probably cant hold up to the 35s so a 44 60 or 8.8 would have to be put on. Also my LP 30 front might not be able to handle it so Id have to beef it up or swap that out. Also upgrade the steering, brakes and crap, and gears (but those are going in for 33s anyways). In the end, 33s with gear swaps is the best option, Im not much of a hardcore wheeler, just yet anyways.

    I like the look of 33s with a nice 3.75" bs rim and a 4" lift. But like most Jeepers I think if the rig is lifted too high and the wheels are small its kind of ridiculous. Almost like a truck thats lifted 6" and has 30" tires on it.
  12. A rock just tore half my exhaust off and cracked my gas tank... Totally worth it :smoke:
  13. Picked up a pair of axles with 4.11's and a locker in the rear. Hopefully it'll help with my 33" boggers that'll be here tmrw.

  14. What diff's do you have? What was your lift specs again? thanks :smoke:
  15. I plan on swapping dana 80's in next year. I picked up a dana 35 rear locked and a dana 30 front. Not what i wanted, but 400 bucks for a pair with gears was too cheap to pass up. With my 31s my old axles held up to 270k miles of dd and pretty harsh wheeling before i broke a u joint on the driver front and cracked the axle yolks from using 4wd to get back home. As long as they hold up till winter i'll be happy. I got 2.5" lift and may put body lift on if my 33's don't fit well still... i got bags of hockey pucks for that.

  16. Haha awesome. Iv got a dana 30 up front and a 35 in the rear. Went wheelin for the first time and it did amazing. Only mods are 33s and a 3in body lift. Id like to go down to a 1in BL, or none at all, just full on suspension lift or soa. Did you get a 2.5" lift kit?
  17. I picked up 2.5" lift springs off craigslist when a guy went to 4" , but i also have boomerang shackles in the rear and +1" shackles up front. Its amazing what the dana 30s can take. I'm also running a cable to the front diff so i can ditch some more vacuum junk. Man i cannot wait to rock the boggers with a locker. And my old gears were 3.07s so the 4.11s will be nuts.
  18. I also got soa brackets but I'm gonna save them for the dana 60s or 80s whenever i stumble across some.
  19. I hear ya, so all you needed were the lift springs? And you converted your front diff from vac actuated to cable? Didnt know you could do that. Thats going to be a whole different beast when your done.
  20. Hell ya man. 00' Cherokee 4 wheel drive, xrc8 winch, dirtbound extreme bumper, 2 inch lift.

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