Any jeepers out there?

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  1. I'd get a 4.0 I6 mid to late 90s cherokee if the gas mileage wasn't so piss poor. A jeep would be awesome but the fuel costs do not justify it IMO.
  2. I gotta '96 ZJ with the V8. Putting on some 31s and a 2" BB here after christmas. And then once I get the cash I plan on throwing on some armor. Im super paranoid about my diff. getting knocked out (again) so a strong diff. cover will probably be the first thing I buy.

    God damn I am glad I found this thread. No more switching back and forth between GC and

    Speaking of which, anybody on that fourm? If you are serious about crawling and mudding, that is the ONLY place you should be.
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    Just got back from a camping trip in my buds YJ, went through some pretty hardcore shit and broke off his last mirror, the only thing I don't like about his Jeep is that it doesn't hotbox worth shit but its such a chill stoner car

    420th post hell ya

  4. My friends got a 4cyl yj and it gets about 22mpg , its slow as shit though
  5. Me and 4 other buddies boxed my ZJ last weekend. We had a half O all rolled into joints. I went a little over board with the Ozium. Now all my Jeep smells like lemons and green.

  6. Sounds fun man, my friends Jeep doesn't box at all really cause his top is so fucked up and his windows are busted, we usually put towels over the windows but most of the smoke still gets out.
  7. I probably wont do it again though. Atleast not for hours like we did then. It smells so weird in there now. Like, lemony and just.. weird.
  8. 1994 XJ.
    4.5 inch Rough Country lift
    30x10.5 Wild Country mud tires
    5 speed :cool:


  9. My buddy sold his 1999 GC for a 2007 GC with the 5.7L V8 Hemi :)

    So far he's just blacked the windows and put in a new radio. He is planning on putting a magnaflow singleback exhaust w/ a 3.5 lift and 31" all purpose tires. I've driven it a few times my self and it's pretty damn quick.

    I'm trying to give him ideas on an intake to add some more HP and help with mpg.
  10. I got an 88 with 4.5 inches of lift and 33s
    gonna do an 8.8 swap for the rear end
  11. its an xj
  12. really do like the xj's, especially with a lift and atleast 31's. just picked up an 87 yj, 33's with a 3in lift. have a good am/fm/cd/ipod radio but not puting it in until it has locking doors :smoke:
  13. square headlight jeeps FTW... Thinkin about goin out to my jeep and smokin in it cause its pretty nasty outside and I can't smoke inside
  14. Helll Yeah square headlights ftw. Happy hotboxing man, +rep
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    I've got an 01 grand cherokee ltd v8
    Bought it with probably a 2" lift. Would like to get some bigger tires once these snow ones wear down. :)

  16. Is it a 4cyl?
  17. LOL no way, its got the 4.2 carbed straight six engine backed with a 5sp trans. Awaiting a motorcraft carb off ebay. need to take my cb radio to a repair shop, only picks up the weather channel.

  18. Haha my buddy has one of the 4 cyl 5spd ones and it is slow as shit(top speed is like 55). I like it though the slowness makes it a good stoner car and it can still pull its weight off-road just fine. I got my CB off eBay for 5 bucks, it might be worth checking eBay instead of a repair shop unless you wanna rice it out.
  19. 87 YJ HERE. Hand built by me -> 4.7L I6 stroker with no money spared. I must have 5k into the motor alone. Currently swapping Dana 60s in the front and rear and a dana 300 t case. If you've ever wanted to spank down punks in their sports cars with a jeep... boy i could tell you some stories.
  20. So many jeepers!!! I love it!

    heres my baby:


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