Any jeepers out there?

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  1. Not a Jeeper, but that will probably be my next project when/if the Subie leaves me.

    OP, I just looked at your microscope thread and realized we're in the same city! :smoke:
  2. I own a 1995 blue jeep wrangler and a 02 black jeep wrangler i love going on crawls maybe even just doing shallow rivers n toking up in the middle of those
  3. Toking in the middle of a wide stream or small rv is the best. Just being somewhere you know most other vehicles can't make it is a nice feeling. I usually drive till I can't make it anymore.. which doesn't happen to much (lockers, geared, winch) lol. Then hoof it to a nice ridge and burn one.
  4. Hoping to get a cj7 soon, jeeps rule

  5. 99 jeep grand Cherokee, replaced fuel pump twice, tons of window motors, engine coolant pump, multiple electric problems, radiator hose exploded not that long ago, shortly after my radiator also went, and more...

    as much as i love my car
    ive had to fix soo much stuff
    about to hit 150,000 miles
  6. There has been a lot of issues with newer grand cherokee's, I worked on an 01 grand cherokee for a while, went through many window regulators then started throwing codes for the trans. Thing ran great though, had a lot of fun during the winter!
  7. I have a 97 Wrangler on 49's :) oh and a 76 Cj-7 On the Frame(on the ground) lol

  8. PICS?!?! 49's, dayum those are some big tires. Your Jeeps sound badass:hello:
  9. i use to have a wench on my 95 i need one for 02 defintly tho im in the process right now replacing my windows the zippers broke :( so im using safety pins its kidna crazy
  10. Replace my 98 zj for a 97 land rover.... Never going back...
  11. lol ive never seen a land rover that didnt have problems ill take my inline jeep motor over anything, ive seen wranglers with 400k miles on the original motor and tranny
  12. I got this kinda paranoid thing about posting pics on here... It kinda stands out lol...
    But do I hafta put em on a hosting site 1st? And how do I make sure I don't have my info on there?

  13. If you want to do a direct link where you can see the photo you posted you must upload to to a website first because you have to attach the url. Photobucket works just fine. If you took the pic on a ipod or iphone, those save the ip address that some people know how to view. :smoke:
  14. Still paranoid but I'll put up a pic, it wasn't i-anythinged lol, this was when it was on 46's...
    As you can see I don't put many up, dunno about how to resize either :D.

    Let's see that land rover get where it needs to to pull this out lol :poke:

  15. That thing is sick Orange, that could go about anywhere!
  16. Owned a SRT-8 JGC :)

  17. Any stories?:D

  18. Went 10.04 at 130 mph is all lol. But nothing like your jeeps mine was for racing.

    Living in a flat state blows lol.

  19. Dang thats quick. nothing wrong with a 400+hp jeep from the factory

  20. Yeah the twin helped with the low 10's but had to get rid of it :<

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