Any jeepers out there?

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  1. I'm a avid member on the Jeepforums and love working on my car with little DIY projects. The internet is a beautiful wealth of knowledge and it allowed me to install a 3.5" lift by completely replacing my suspension with parts from other cars. Pretty damn cool when your on a college budget. I love the 21st century.

    Any other jeepers out there?
  2. 99 xj over here.
  3. 95 wrangler here only had it for a couple weeks but damn i love it,and im a member of jeepforum too probably on there more than here lol
  4. 1990 comanche...unfortunatly its going to the scrap yard.
  5. Got my winch all buttoned up tonight. Can't wait to actually need to use it now... I never have had too, but now ill be more confident whilst wheeling. Any other serious jeepers?
  6. Yeah Jeepforum and GC are the two first tabs I open when I get home.

    I have a '01 XJ. My '01 WJ handled better but the XJ is my little project jeep.

    I'm glad to have fellow jeep lovers here!
  7. I actually like the more vehicle based sites.. cherokeeforum.. naxja. But jf is great for all around knowledge

  8. I agree, I am a member of both mentioned sites but not an avid user. I just like the community feel of JF. Much like GC it's more of a hangout forum (IMO), where as cherokeeforum and naxja are secondary sources of technical knowledge that isnt available on JF.

    To each their own, I guess :rolleyes::smoke:
  9. Post pics of your rigs people. I wunna see them.

    Here's one of mine. 00 TJ Sport 4.0L. 2" BB and 31" all terrains. The tires are kinda small but it gets around quite well.

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    I didn't mean im not a member on jf I just like not sifting thru technical stuff when I just need xj. I totally feel u bout the community feel tho!
  11. 6.5" lifted 99 wj on with Foa shocks here
  12. Lovin the jeeps yall, heres mine.

    2001 royal blue Cherokee 4.0L, 3.5" bastard pack lift, 31" Nexen tires

  13. jeepers creepers
  14. Here's my hero.

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  15. I like that XJ a lot, how much did you drop on the wench? What brand is it?
  16. It's a warn. And all told I have bout $90 into it. Ya. No lie.
  17. Had to pop in and say I love pulling stuck jeeps out with my disco ii.

    Especially in winter when I hop back in with my heated seats!

    Jeeps are chill love em but had to :D
  18. 1999 Grand Cherokee. Pushin 200K miles and still going strong. Hasn't let me down. Knock on wood.
  19. 1999 xj
    cold air intake
    3 inch lift
    31x10.5 bfg's
    no front bumper;)

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