Any jazz musicians?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by weedski, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Any jazz enthusiast/musicians on this site? I've never had a great interest in jazz but recently I've been enjoying both playing and listening to it a lot more. I also find jazz and pot go together beautifully too.

    Anyway, thought it would be interesting to see :D
  2. i started drumming with the school jazz band. so that's how i started i guess, although i'm definitely out of practice. i play in a deathcore band right now
  3. I've been discovering this too. Jazz is wonderful, I listen to it all the time at work now, and when i'm high and listening to it, shiiiitttt, I can just go to town on gettin them cars clean. One thing I really enjoy is the woman who sing, some of them have the most epic voices.
  4. Jazz and blues are by far my favorite type of music to play, I play bass, guitar, a little bit of drums and piano. I love music man, its a language and a life style. Its no longer a part of my life it is my life.
  5. dude, i fuckin love me some jazz.
    i dont play jazz however.
  6. jazz is fucking amazing to play while high. i LOVE playing sweet jazz/blues improvs all day on the piano.

    It was something that just clicked with me, like one day on the piano i just started playing some strange chords that just i seemed to be so in tuned with, and i had no prior expierences with any type of this music i just seem to get it like in a snap. after i started listenening to some jazz i'd try to mimic some styles and mess around !
  7. Yeah, tenor saxophonist here. I'm about to finish an undergrad degree in Jazz performance from a conservatory; I'm not much of a traditional player but my background and foundation comes from 60s free jazz and 50s bop ala Lennie Tristano.
  8. the only reason i ever use the radio in my car is for the smooth jazz station!

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