Any Issuses Witt Digital Greenhouse 600 Watt Ballasts?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Argaha, May 22, 2013.

  1. I'm looking at adding a 2nd HPS to my grow room.  Currently have a hydrofarm 430 watt HPS overhead, with rows of T5's for side fill lighting.  However I'm going to lengthening my room and was thinking of the 600 watt Digital Greenhouse Ballast for the other light source.  I used HTG many time and have no regrets.  Just not sure why their ballast is so much cheaper....kinda makes me worried.

  2. My dimmable 600w ballast from HTgsupply arrived today. I hope theses no issue with their ballast. I also have a Blackdog micro LED I use for veg, but will use dimmable for flowering my super lemon haze clones and use LED for bagweed grow I have flowering now.
  3. I got a 1k dimmable Digital Greenhouse ballast that is about 5 years old that usually only gets used for winter grows except for this year and its still working fine. It was a store display model that was used for about 6 months before we bought it.
  4. I've been running a digital greenhouse 600w for about a year and a half with few breaks between grows. I usually run 20/4 or 24/0 in veg and its been through two auto runs of 20/4 for the whole run. Still works great, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another
    • Thanks appreciate the input!!

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