Any issues bringin an outdoor grow inside?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hamjack, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. This is the summer that wasn't in Central Massachusetts. For every day of strong sun it seems we have days of rain and persistent clouds. I have two autos going outside but as we hit late august and the sun starts getting lower in the sky the available hours of direct sun in my backyard are dropping. Both were popped in early July. One is a runt, the other is doing alright, but I'm sure more light would be better for both. I think the runt is simply a bad seed. I can throw them in my smaller tent 2X5X5 and move to 16/8 under 600 watts of LED. I plan on treating with insecticidal soap before bringing them in. Any other issues? Girl Scout Cookies Auto-Fem seeds from Bonza. Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Organic Soil, nothing but rain water, Coast of Maine Organic Fertilizer 5-2-4 (fed twice in the last 2 weeks.) They're growing in a 12 gallon Earthbox... when we go away this is a self watering box. IMG_3546.JPG IMG_3548.JPG IMG_3547.JPG
  2. Same weather here in Maine. Very cool nights even on the "hotter" days - I woke to 44 degrees yesterday.

    Fwiw, I've brought many plants inside from outdoors and never have an issue. I often veg my plants outdoors in the sunshine in summer and then flower indoors.

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    Only thing I may add
    They come in with the plants, have you treated them for PM and any bugs yet?
    Other than that I agree with the poster above

    Morn @jerry111165
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  4. This is a "fun" grow. I've never grown an auto before and I've never grown outside. Yield isn't that important as we have a huge stash from last winter's photo grow that will last at least until I finish this winter's grow. However, I want to see what I can get from the autos. The runt is somewhat perplexing. Same seeds, same everything but it is slow growing and the top growth is always yellowish.. Might not produce much of anything.
  5. I have heard that Autos don't do well when transplanted
    Are you going to move the whole box inside?
    Not sure how large the box is
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  6. I've hit them with NEEM early on and lately with insecticidal soap. I'll treat them one more time before bringing them.
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  7. It's 12 gallons... heavy but manageable. I'll bring the whole thing in.
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  8. If you are not bringing them into a active grow inside than really not to much worries
    The only thing is you may infest the grow room with something Mites
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  9. Nothing growing inside right now.
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  10. Mornin dude
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  11. Nice to see you back in action Hamjack. I've been battling mites for weeks. I got an infected clone from a friend and it reeked havoc in my jungle tents. I have so much foliage it's been hard to get rid of them. I have some product reviews.

    NPK industries Mighty Wash seems to be the best stuff I've used. I would give the plants a treatment whether you see any mites or not before bringing them inside. That's going to be my approach from now on. Treat everything like infected. Mighty wash kills eggs and if they're small plants a dip should kick everything out.
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  12. I just bought some SNS 217 for next treatment. I've been out of town for work and I've only been able to keep them at bay when I'm back. They keep making a comeback every time I leave town. I have Fox Farms Don't bug me, Neem oil, Mighty wash, Azomax, SNS 209, GH exile, and I'm using a 50/50 alcohol/water with soap on veg plants and as a surface sterilizer.

    I'm going to eliminate them hopefully after I clean out this rounds bud room and there's way less foliage to cover.
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  13. IMG_3562.JPG We've had a bit of sun the past week, so I decided to leave them outside a while longer. These are approaching 7 weeks since planted. The big plant has been bent and tied down and is continuing to do well. The runt is still the runt. No growth spurt and still yellow in spite of being nuted twice and growing in quality organic soil. I'm having very litle problem with bugs, but I am growing them about 10 feet above ground level and I've treated with NEEM oil and Insecticidal soap. No real sign of stretch yet, though I expect it any day. IMG_3554.JPG IMG_3561.JPG IMG_3558.JPG

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