Any iPod users in the city???

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. God damn FedEx guy woke me up @ 10am today and it really pissed me off... until i found out that the package he had was for ME. my uncle sent me a 40GB iPod :)

    I've been an iPod user since the first month the good ol' 5GB came out (october 2001 i think it was) and i LOVE it. I've been using it on my PC since december 2001. now i have a new one to fill up :)

    i think ill give my old 5GB iPod to my friend, since everyone in my family has one already.

    do YOU have an iPod? if so, whats its name?

    i call mine Apple Dumpling... when naming any Apple brand hardware, i try to use Apple in the name... my mom's laptop is Apple Pie, my sister's is Apple Sauce, etc. If I ever save up enough money to buy my own Apple computer, I'm gonna name it Apple Pipe :)

  2. I've got a simple 1gb Ipod Nano, with ipodlinux installed on it. Haven't named it, though I could always call it Billy - It's only got one friend and that's me.:smoking:
  3. +rep

    And yeah I got me a video I-Pod... :cool:
  4. Mine got jacked :(.
  5. [​IMG]

    im rockin a nano
  6. I've got a 2gig mini packed to the brim!

    One of these days i'll upgrade...probably to ipod video...but not until i have some spare cash, which won't be for at least a year! Damn college!
  7. same here, I would like to upgrade to either a nano or video. But as of right now I don't have any extra cash:smoking:
  8. i got the 30 gig photo ipod

    everyonce in a while it will freeze on me though and send me off into a new level of pissed
  9. I use to have a 20 GB photo iPod, but it got stolen while I was chillin at a friends house, but now I finally saved up enough tip money to buy a new one, so I'm goin to grab a 30 Gig Video at Best Buy tomorrow.

    my first iPod was one of the HP made ones, which sucks ass, it kept breaking, but then I got my 20 GB, and now I don't think I could ever go back to a CD player, or any other MP3 player for that matter.\

    EDIT:TokinBlue: HAHA, I use to have the same exact problem dude, but when that would happen, I would just keep reset it until if finally worked, lol, I love that about Apple products, if you Reset/Restart enough times, it'll work again :D
  10. my 4gig nano just broke gotta get it replaced... i don't name ipods man
  11. lol right... if your namein your ipods... no offesne but thats kinda fucking frutiy, or something lmao. sorry if im mean i been a drinkin haha
  12. Mine got stolen from my gearbag that I was wearing while in a public, but crowded place.

    How sick is that?
  13. i literally slammed the shit outta it and the fucker turned on......amazing
  14. I have a nano...but it's busted! i'm so pissed! well..I can listen to the songs that are already on it...from when it was working normally, but it won't update, it won't even show up in iTunes. I've been trying to fix it forever now and I can't figure out how! Anybody else have this problem? I really need this shit fixed!

  15. I got a shuffle (WOO...) for christmas I like it for when I go to the gym or in the car because I don't have to look at what songs I'm picking, but I can't fit that many songs on it and that does suck. Oh well
  16. I got a white 30Gig video... And then a red iSkin, which is a silicone case for it or whatever. It's really great.

    I did have an issue with a previous one--I turned it on and it jes' stopped playing, so i reset it and it gave me this lil' "sad face." So I was pissed.

    But I went to my local Apple-Store and they took care of it-- I got a replacement for the price of $0.00.

    People bash on iPods and shit, they're like "OMFG THEY BRAKE."

    Of course they do, they're a pioneer into the mp3 player world, don't expect any piece of machinery to work perfectly--But, their customer service was superb for me.
  17. I've got a 4th gen 20 gig named iPodular lol i like it alot except for the fact that its breaking again. it freezes nd shit all the time so when it dies i think im going to get an iRiver or something cheaper and more reliable.
  18. im packin a 2g. nano. its great at work, because I just wear it on my arm, and string it up my chefs jacket and into my ear. perfect
  19. 40 gig? That shits crazy.

    I got a half gig off brand MP3 player, My buddy gave it to me back in the summer. Its all i need, I got a hundred something songs on there, Change some songs about once a week. Maybe a gig, Or even a 2 gig would be nice jus to have some more music, But anything more to me would be a waste.

    Though id love to have a real ipod.

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