Any interest in a 2nd GC rap battle?

Discussion in 'General' started by ipack, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. my mind is blank, its spacial
    I gave your girlfriend, a cum facial

  2. i'll take that as a yes? lol
  3. Sign me up if it'll be over by tongiht.
  4. lol.. what is this text battles??
  5. reading the first one one was fun, I think we should have another. I'm sure enough people would want to do it.
  6. Yeah.

    I forgot about the first one.

    Wasn't it down to me and some one else?

    I'm down.
  7. it'll take a couple of weeks to finish obviously


    i don't remember, i had to drop out of the last one after i had that cancerous growth cut out
  8. I can be up around the same time every night so, if it's gunna be around this same couple of hours here I'm down. Really interested in this.
  9. im gonna PM motion and make sure he doesn't want to run it first since it was his idea and he came up with the format..

    i'm not tryin to bite offa his style
  10. Hell I wanna be in it mayne. HIt me up. i wanna be round 1 or somethin. Whatever I wanna get spttin ASAP.
  11. alright man, i know we'll be able to get a good battle goin on so as soon as i hear from motion back on that PM I/or he will post the thread to sign up and all that
  12. Damn, i wanna go NOW! lol. PM me with the info when you get it mayne. So i know whats up. I've got some sick rhymes I wanna unleash on y'all.
  13. We should have team battles :D each team gets together with their rhymes and decide on a mixture between the two.
  14. Sign me up.
  15. haha roger that
  16. I'm in like flynt.

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