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  1. This is my second grow, however this time, unlike my first, I am having some problems. the leaves are yellowing at the tips and they are crisp. Any idea why. I'm using CFL's at about 4 inches. Pics below of whole setup. Any idea's?

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  2. C'mon guys, I'm kinda depending on your input to keep my plants alive! Please, I beseech thee help me.
  3. Okay,

    first I'll ask what I've always you smoke (tobacco) if so, wash your hands or wear gloves prior to working or tending to your plants.

    Secondly, you're PH is probably too high/low the acids/bases in the soil make themselves obvious in the plant itself...You're shooting for a range of 6-7 for 6.5 if the golden area.

    Third, you might be watering it too much, which brings me to my next conclusion-

    What type of water are you using?
    If its tap water, let it sit 20-30 or so hours before giving it to the plant..this not only allows the water to release the chlorine and other impurities to evaporate out, or sink to the bottom.
    If you're using RO or distilled water, then your on the right track..however a more easy and much more cheap method is to simply set out tap water for a day or so.

    (And on a personal note, call me crazy but I use a ladle to scoop off the top 3/4'ths of the water, I sincerely believe that the heavy metals and other solids trapped in the water sink to the bottom, and after a period of setting this allows all of them to accumulate at the bottom.)

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