any indie rockers?

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  1. so I've read a lot of threads about hip hop, trance, and some classic rock.
    but where are all the indie rock stoners?

    what are some of your favorite bands?
  2. i don't know what you consider indie, i listen to shit like pavement, someone still loves you boris yeltsin, born ruffians, the wrens, cap'n jazz, modest mouse and stuff...

    or did you mean more like tortoise or tv on the radio shit?
  3. yeah you nailed it.
    I need to check some of them out.
    I listen to a good amount of different music, and wanted to find some new indie bands.
    I listen to someone still loves you boris yeltsin and modest mouse.
    I also like the mountain goats and was listening the them, and wanted to find some new bands.
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    of course.I just started the Bloc Party thread in music-hall if you like them.yeah,indie is definitely awesome.
  5. ok so I like pavement, born ruffians and the wrens, not so much cap'n jass. so thanks for those.
    I haven't listened to bloc party a whole lot. What are some songs that you like?
  6. i think if you havent heard them before the best thing to do,(what i did) is just listen to any song off their album Silent Alarm.banquet,luno,like eating glass,plans,they are all good songs to listen to for a first impression.:)

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