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  1. This seedling started growing till first real leaves them stretched a tiny bit then stopped. It’s not dying or drying up the stem looks healthy. It’s almost like the first leaves got stuck or something. You can see in the other picture the other plant I started at the same time has grown. They are about 3 and a half weeks since they broke through the soil. Just wondering should I just start another seed to replace it? Or should I let it go see what happens. Thanks for any help.

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  2. Kill it and start over.
    I suggest making some grow changes..........that seedling failed to grow for a reason.
    These plants a 3-1/2 weeks since sprout for a comparison.
    27 days 11-21-21.JPG
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  3. My other plant actually looks similar to yours but I can’t get any more pictures to add to this thread for some reason keeps saying error. But yeah that’s what I’m thinking besides the grow changes thing.
  4. Yeah this forum is buggy, I can't upload certains photos either just closes the app. What soil did you start her in?

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