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  1. just transplanted my 2 plants 2 days ago one looks good but the other one is yellowish a little bit and some clawing... first time growing I think it may be from the transplant or possibility overwatering since the pot is a bit smaller but not too sure..

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  2. Are you ph your water you are putting in?
  3. Also those things should have went into a bigger pot I think.
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  4. Yeah I ph it to around 6 and I’m trying to keep the plants small anyways
  5. next time you repot ..add more perlite to your grow medium ,,i see you have put some perlite in already next ti,me add at lest 30% perlite to the soil ,,,,mac,
  6. You should be around 6.5 in soil. Are you checking run off? And last I am guessing here but it might be from the light since the very bottom leaf that is in shade is not effected.
  7. Yeah run off is good and I thought that too maybe but the other plant isn’t affected
  8. ..

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  9. Same strain sometimes different strains/phenos act different to light.
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  10. Yeah both Hindu Kush

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