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Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by balzgy12, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. A few months back I started smoking weed, it was all going fine really enjoyed it, at one point I had about 1.5g joint and I smoked it all fine no negatives. Then one day I go out with some mates during the night and we blaze for abit took quite a few hits, probably had about 4 joints between us... I noticed my heart was racing for a split second then I forgot, around 10mins later I get this weird out of body feeling, my head felt weird and my voice was really loud, my mates said my tome of voice increased and I was shouting what I was saying for a few seconds, I was not aware of this. Almost felt like I was going too blackout. After 5 seconds I get thrown back into reality with extreme panic and paranoia, I go home and try too sleep it off. Yet I'm kept up by panic "what if I have schizophrenia" etc.. Stuck in thought loops edventually get to sleep wake up feeling abit dazzy but it wears off. Tried weed last week again shared a join with my brother and the same thing happens but too a lesser degree and I managed to control the panic.. But this out of body feeling is extremely strong only lasts for about 5-10seconds, it's almost as if I get stuck in my own head and my body takes over all my conscious actions. Any opinions will be greatly accepted.. Thanks.
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  2. Yeah, those panic attack sucks. Might want to stop for awhile and do some meditation. I'd do a complete reset of your body. No drinking, smoking and go exercise.

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  3. I don't know what weed your smoking bro but make sure it's clean , smoke less next time and see if it helps
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  4. Yeah I don't understand it, I eat very clean and I'm in the gym for atleast 3 hours a day
  5. Perhaps just don't want to throw myself into that "feeling" again it was hell
  6. i know what you mean because i had it bro. it has nothing to do with the weed itself, it just means that there is something else wrong with you, like something causing you insecurity, or you're anxious or whatever. you need to look for something to fix in your life probably.
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  7. Yeah I think that's the problem, about 3yrs ago I had anxiety and that led to depersonization attacks, which felt identical to the ones from weed, but I recoverd from all that and am anxiety free, maybe there's an underlying issue I am not yet aware of
  8. Yea well you can allways take An edible I myself take it to help me sleep. I make brownies or cookies
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  9. Dude it's almost like........ I've seen this thread before.... and then I wake up and
    There's another.. with like the same exact story and the same exact tone... it's almost like I never stopped reading the first one.. and then what if the first one was always the same one and I had got stuck in that time loop commenting on this thread then going to sleep (in the matrix) and then waking up to this thread.

    Your all not real. Fuxkin mr. Smith :ey:
  10. Paradox haha, living in one big da-ja-vu.. Luckily I only feel it when I'm high and it's only happend twice. Just gonna lay of the weed for a while then maybe try it again in smaller amounts
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  11. If you really want to be sure then I suggest taking a 2-3 week break and then when you come back to smoking.. don't smoke much and smoke slower. Also, try a different kind of weed

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  12. try a sport, cuz doing sport stuff gives you confidence and i think thats the opposite of anxiety
  13. How you doing bud?! Just following up...

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