Any ideas?

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  1. Check out the leaves, see the damage? Any ideas on what this is?

    Changed hydro water yesterday. This happened over night.

    I'm using RO water, canna aqua a and b, rhizotonic, and cannazym. Also small amounts of cal mag, fulvic acid and Silica. Water ppm was/ is still 830. And ph was/and is 5.8.

    This is typical nute mix I use, but a little lower dose of each than usual due to young plant.

    And just to ad. Plenty of light. 75 degrees and 50% rh.[​IMG]

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  2. Looks like you spilled something on the leaves.
    Cut the dry part of the leaf off.
    Wipe all leaves with a damp napkin.
    Try and bring up humidity a little.
    How far are the lights from the plant?

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  3. I ended up cutting off the damaged leaves and she's bounced back, and starting to boom :) She hasn't grown much until too, but her roots are taken off in the DWC

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