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Any ideas why I didnt get high off my firecrackers?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by retroh, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. last saturday me and my friends decided to make firecrackers. We used the sit out method and we wrap them up in tin foil till today which is about a week almost.

    fast forward to today I take them exactly at 8:03 am. 1 hour later I feel barely any effects. Just a weird twitch in my left arm. It is now 10:34. 2 in a half hours and I'm still not even high. I just feel some of the weed effects and that twitch in my left arm that is getting stronger and stronger.

    also I did eat these on a complety empty stomach so maybe that's the reason?

    I did everything right to when I made them.
    .7 of white rhino
    Olive oil
    High fat peanut butter it had exactly 16gs
    people also said they waited 3 days and I waited 6 so I feel like it should be even better.

    Please leave responses on why you think there not working... I will keep updating this every 30 minutes to see if I feel anything.

    Also one more thing please don't tell me the sit out method dosent work. When it does. You don't need heat to make edibles thanks.
  2. Naw an empty stomach should make it stronger. I've never tried the sit out method but I hear it can make them stronger, but maybe it was too cold for that method to work? Try keeping them in a fairly warm place
  3. Did you decarb the weed first?

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  4. And was the weed high grade or shwag?
  5. it was high grade also no I didn't decarb it the method didn't say to. Waited a week for this and it dosent work pretty piss forreal. I'll try them again next week.

    updates-11:30 nothing happened
    12:30 still nothing
  6. if I somehow I start getting high I'll let you guys know.
  7. In the future, decarbing is always a good thing to do, especially if you are using a method where you are just leaving it out with no heat to help the absorption process.
  8. Decarb man.

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