Any ideas what the gender will be?

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  1. Please see photos. This little guy is about 2 weeks old today.

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  2. This is a joke??
    You need about 4-8 wks more in veg to see NATURALLY, or if you want an early indicator, Clone after at least 5 nodes are in and put the CLONE ONLY into 12/12 lighting..If the clone shows female..chances are over 90% that the Mom is female as well. NOTE: Sometimes an early clone will show both sexes and is NOT even a herm..

    I think this link will be a good course!
    BTW: seedling looking good!:)
  3. "little guy"
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  4. As DD says..
    Bad Karma..
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  5. Is it looking happy? I dont have a light yet. I keep him under sunlight by the window during days and keep him under a CFS light at nights. Its my office lamp so i keep him under it. Should i invest in a light asap?
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  6. I think he will be ok. He is a nice looking young man for sure. He won't require much light for himself yet. He will definitely want a suitable grow light in a week or two. Make sure he is getting 18 hours+ of light, we don't want him to get upset.
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  7. He is also listening to mozart 2 hours a day
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  8. give him some trippier shit dude that plant will grow up to a boring high if all it listened to was classical
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