Any ideas what could be wrong?

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  1. Autoflowering strain, 3rd week. growing in soil. Water is distilled. First time using nutes (1/4 solution) was yesterday because I thought it might be some kind of deficiency, but the problem has been going on for a couple of days before that. Basically older leaves turn a yellowish brown and dry out. However new growth keeps on going strong (especially after using nutes). This morning I noticed some of the tips of the newborn leafs are a bit yellowish. I'm thinking nitrogen def? Either way I could use some advice. Thanks a lot


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  2. Well id start with a transplant into a soil with more aeration ie perilite, vermculite.

    What did you feed? My guess is your roots can't breathe and therefore are unable to eat. But I'm a noob so good luck
  3. Chuck her in the bin

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  4. Hi mate. Thanks for the reply. The soil is quite alright actually. I used a pot within a pot method to avoid overwatering, but when I removed the first pot I might have damaged the roots a bit. You reckon this will bounce back IF that were the case?

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