Any ideas what’s wrong with my plants?

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  1. They were switched to 12/12 three weeks ago they are 8 weeks now from seed , watering has been ok been watering until slight run off and then leaving for a couple of days until dry to the touch, they’re under 300 w cfl light and three under each light.
    Any advice would be great, maybe they need some nutrients I havnt added any.
    Thanks in advance
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  3. IMO You are going about deciding when to water all wrong. Touch really doesn't tell you how much water is in the pot. Weight, meter, or visual signs from the plant that it needs water are by far the most reliable. The later will come from experience. The other 2 are the most reliable ways to avoid over watering. If it takes several days or even a week or more for them to get to the point of needing water it's ok. Never spoil them with just giving them water on a preset schedule. It's ok to make them want for water a little. Overwatering can cause deficiency like symptoms. While I am not saying you are overwatering or even that you are experiencing issues because of watering. It is just one of the most common issues newer growers experience.

    Best of wishes.

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  4. I’d give some potassium and cal mag for sure

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  5. Your into the flowering phase, so the most typical deficiency's are P & K.

    I see both of these trait's in your plant. As you said you haven't feed them so...

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