Any Ideas or recommendation on how i should set this up? Open to opinions, my budget is around 180-250

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  1. Well I got this dresser as you see, going to knock out the back (thin 1/4'' wood sheet) and replace it and put on hinges and magnet lock-like thing. Going to definitely be using mylar. Cfl grow for sure. Anyways, only going to grow 2-3 plants max, so go ahead and let your creativity start flowing, much appreciated. Also My original plan atleast is to use the top shelf for wiring and electric strips and shit as theres a small gap behend the drawer and back of dresser that wires could go up.


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  2. I'd put the power high on the back of the dresser instead of the top drawer.
  3. Hellz yeah.  A budget box, so the CFL's can be monted numerous ways in a contraption like this.  I would make a pVC frame and run wires through it to mount your lights on.  Attach the PVC to a chain so you can raise and lower the lights. and make a wing reflector out of some carboard and coat the lower surface with mylar to reflect the light down... That's 70 bucks tops including the lights if you can manage to repurpose some wiring. 
    Next I would get get a few PC fans for your exhaust and a little fan to circulate the air inside your grow room.  You can find PC fans for next to nothing at tech recycle centers and you can ussually find old cell phone chargers that will regulate the amps going to them for a buck or two at goodwill.  Just make sure the amps going to the fan is equal or less than the max for the fan or it will blow up.  They were not made to be plugged right into a wall outlet.  Thats like 20 bucks there.  So we are up to a total of 90 bones.
    You can make a carbon filter out of a coffee can, some activated charcoal from the petstore, and a pantyhose. $10. 
    Now you just need some containers, soil, hooks, screws and a surge protector.  Maybe some dryer hose, a thermometer a timer or two... I would invest in at least one cycle timer for the fans.
    And BAM! With a little immagination you should be set for well under your budget.
  4. Use 6500k lights for veg and 2700k lights for flower
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    Hey I really like the idea, but I'm not understanding with the pvc and hanging the lights? What fixtures would I use? would the pvc just be going along the side of the dresser to maintain wires and cords from hanging everywhere? Some picture examples would help too because I'm more of a visual dude.
  6. here are some pics of my idea

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  7. Dude that's genius, thank you that diagram helped a lot, my only thing now is how to connect those wires to a light/fixture

    But I'll look it up.
  8. google pvc light fixtures for more in depth how tos
  9. Just go to the local hardware store and get you some make your own lamp kits... drill some holes in the pvc where you want the lamps and feed the wire through and add a dab of hot glue to hold the wire in place and connect lamp ends to wires
  10. I'm just going to use mh/hps lights to grow, I'm only going to grow 1 or 2 at a time, so should I use one mh bulb for vegging but try to find a lumen count over 10,000?
  11.  for a space that small a 200 watt one would be more than enough, but I would buy an air cooled hood and a better fan if you go that route.

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