Any ideas on yield???

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  1. Alright folks!!

    I have just started growin weed and would like help on a small matter if cool! I was under the impression i would get at least 300g of ma plant but have been told by a reliable source at 85cm its more likely to be about an oz!!!! Doesnt even pay the elec bill???Can anyone advise me at what height am I best to change to flowering stage for best yields please?
    Cheers folks
  2. Impossible to answer. More info and maybe someone will lie to you. Indoor/Outdoor? Strain?............
    Seeds from SATIVA buds

    Using ferro growth 18on 6 off light
    PH 7 Temp 30%
    PLANT 85cm
  4. True we will need these, and even more, details for any kind of prediction, but generally a first-time grower with an indoor op should expect 1-2 oz max per plant. In fact, for a first grow you should consider yourself ahead of the curve to just bring a plant all the way through to maturity without killing it. With experience you can get that yield up, but more likely in the 2-4 oz range, not 10+ oz. It's possible but highly unlikely.
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    That would be a most EXCEPTIONAL yield indoors. I routinely get 450g+ but that is outdoors in a sunny climate.
  6. ^AND giving 65 gallons of root volume...
  7. That is a first for THIS year. We will see how THAT mutha does come October.

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