Any ideas on this?

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    Broke my bowl

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  2. I hate plastic/metal pieces.
    Cheap vanilla glass spoons only run around 10-15 bucks.
    Find one online or go to a headshop.
  3. Majority of metal pipes do neith of the two ive had ever caused a problem plus the plastic wont heat up after a few bowls so u can hold it and not burn yourself
  4. Pipes are a bust learn to roll!
  5. Nope. Get glass. Though it's possible to make a quality metal pipe. That one isn't it.

    If you absolutely can't get anything specifically for weed smoking, go to your local tobacco shop or pharmacy other than CVS. And get a corn cob pipe. They smoke fantastically definitely better than a cheap metal pipe and just need a screen so they can smoke weed.
  6. looks cheaply made
  7. I wouldn't recommend smoking metal pipes and cheap metal grinders can flake into the weed while it grinds. Do yourself a favor and buy quality pieces.

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