Any ideas on this issue?

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  1. So guys, its your turn to help me now.

    The last two runs ive ran into the same problem at the same time and im sat here busting my balls...

    First run, i was running CANNA nutrients and at week 3 flower i added Plant Magic platinum pk9/18 (never used this product before) to the mix, within a few days i started to get N tox like symptoms, i flushed heavily and continued to feed, the problem persisted and i just rode it through.

    This run, ive ran the full Plant Magic range and again when i added the pk9/18 the same issue has occured, here take a look.. 1561229220706.jpg 1561229240950.jpg 1561229254931.jpg

    The clawing or downward like canoeing isnonly effecting the leaves coming directly from the buds, my fans are perfectly healthy with no blemishes.

    I never feed at full strength and im growing in coco.

    EC in is 1.5 and you already know im always on top of my ph and run off values..

    Thanks in advance.
  2. i think too high EC and probably too much P and suggest cutting back the dosage.
  3. Agree.
    And If a product is causing problems, stop using that product.
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  4. Yep, just needed my thoughts comfirmong, its P&K i have the long thin 3 bladed fingers from K overdose. I flushed and fed light, dropped the pk9/18 altogether, last too runs since running this new product ive had this issue, im going back to my old recipe... i dont like the 9/18..

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