Any ideas on these leaf issues

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  1. First 2 pics of plant 1 and others are plant 2. Both 40 days into flower. Fox farm ocean forest. Fed nutes but only once a week. Recently started to do it twice in Hope's to correct this. Also started calmag. It was been hot before a couple times like 98 because of issues and it may have effected it
    I thought originally but problems are persisting it seems. Plant 1 is like literally burns and I'm scared it could ruin crop before harvest. Just get all crispy or something. I took of some of the worst leaves all yellow and burnt curled. Plant 2 I'm not totally sure if it has gotten worse . I guess it maybe has developed little yellow spots over time. But not sure. Oh can I throw in a 3rd plant? Plant 3 is grown in fox farm. No nutes. Been outside. They'll be last pic . Thanks guys I know its alot of reading. But I really need some help. Ph soil is about at 6 on all of em. 6 to 6.2 right now 20190624_183821.jpg 20190624_183750.jpg 20190624_183641.jpg 20190624_183638.jpg 20190624_170930.jpg

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  2. PH is low for dirt. There's ye cal/mag lockout.

    Ph chart.jpg

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