Any ideas on lowering my grow room temperture?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sydetrak, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. My room avereges about 80 to 100degrees(depending on height of room) during the light period. I'd like to have it be between 60-85degrees. I already have the door half open and a fan blowing in and a bathroom vent sucking air out. I've heard people talk about water conditioning to cool the room, anyone know what that is? Or have any other ideas?
  2. I used a small portable air conditioner for a while, and you could take the temp very low with one of them. They aren't too expensive and the water is sucked through water (in the one I have) - is that what you mean?

    You have far more air in/out than I do - what kind of space are you growing in?


  3. If you have access to cool water (and don't care too much how much you use) review this.

    Example: You have access to a bathroom you hook up a garden hose to the cold water.
    You run this cold water through a air heat exchanger it kind of looks like a cars radiator you have a fan blwoing the hot air from your room through the heat exchanger while you run cold water through the coils.
    To enhance this system you can rig it through a freezer or fridge or even through a window airconditoner.

    Also look into water sourse heat pumps. A small unit would let you make snow in your room.
  4. you were saying you want to lower the heat...the ideal temperture is 70-80 degrees farenheit....grass just wont grow above that unless you're using a co2 injection system when it can run as high as for lowering it.....i use my fan 24/7 unless flowering and have the grow room door kitchen door slightly open and the window in the kitchen open to maintain a good temp....pain in the ass...but hey! it works......Peace out...Sid
  5. What is the size of the room and wattage of your light?
  6. 80 to 100 degrees is a perfect temp. man, remember marijuana grows better in tropical areas, so if your boxx is running at 80-100 degrees you've got a good deal going. cold does nothing good for flowering or vegatative, and for cloning the right mixture of heat and moisture creates quick roots. High temp GOOD- cold temp Bad....
  7. Personally i wouldn't go over 80 degrees with a grow....anything over that would be considered i said about the co2....but hey...if you wanna try and grow weed at 100 my guest....but i wouldn't count on it working....each to their own......Peace out...Sid
  8. I must agree with Sid, but like he said, the choice is yours......good luck
  9. By mistake I found a good way to cool down my growroom.
    We have an attic on the house and store Xmas stuff up there.
    I while the stairs to the attic were open I happened to open the door to my grow room and the heat just shot right up into the attic.
    The stovepipe affect caused a breeze and updraft.
  10. ---
    80- is fine, but 100 is definitely NOT. I'm certain neither you, or anyone else has ever grown quality bud under that much heat. 100 degrees would kill your plants for sure. That's just bad advice mate. Hopefully no one has ever taken your advice.
  11. [quote name='"Higzy"']

    80- is fine, but 100 is definitely NOT. I'm certain neither you, or anyone else has ever grown quality bud under that much heat. 100 degrees would kill your plants for sure. That's just bad advice mate. Hopefully no one has ever taken your advice.[/quote]

    Lots of good weed grown outdoor by the equator! 100 degree's probably isn't ideal, but it happens. In Cali during the summer months it can peak at 100-105f and it's not like the outdoor crops die. They thrive. Typical broscience myths -_-

  12. Outdoor plants can survive a lot of things that would decimate an indoor grow. Insects, temps, ambient light, etc.

    You can't just take ONE outdoor condition and apply it to an indoor grow. ...broscience indeed :smoke:
  13. Please realize the person you are quoting is from the year 2002. Probably not even alive anymore....:p

    Never seen a thread brought back after a decade. Now that's what I call an epic bump...congrats.
  14. [quote name='sydetrak']My room avereges about 80 to 100degreesQUOTE]

    OP originally posted in 2002? Hopefully he's fixed the problem by now.
    If not I try to keep my (spare bedroom) room at 70 - 80 degrees, door open, 2 vortex & 1 oscillating fan on, AC on only when absolutely necessary.
    During flower lights on at night when cost is cheaper & temps naturally lower.

  15. What he said...we have close to the same gear and mindset...light off during the day is HUGE to aid heating issues.

    Just bought a portable AC and it rocked, only thing is the dehumidifier didnt pull as much mostier out of the air as I had liked, so I returned it. BUT, 8000BTU in a 323sq. ft. room FROZE it out.

    My issue isnt so much temp, its the 55-60% humidity I am battling to reduce. :( :(

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    Morning Chef,
    The only time I ran into humidity problems when I was watering 4/5 times a day in coco.
    Once I stopped that silliness humidity went back to normal 30%/40%
    I did pick up a used dehumidifer on Craigslist for $75. Works well.

  17. I water 2 x a week, going to buy a rockin 14k BTU A/C and 70 pint humidifier tonight :)

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