Any ideas on how to clean my lil water bong?

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  1. I've tried soaking the whole thing in warm water/baking soda and scrubbing with pipe cleaners several times but there is still black resin all on the edges of the inside. Anything I can do to effectively clean this thing??[​IMG]
  2. Step one, dry it off
    Step two, pour in salt into all chambers and shit
    Step three, add isopropyl alcohol into salty crevices and holes
    Step four, let sit for Idk how long
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  3. Go to the drug store and get some Lye, (caustic soda). Find a jar big enough to hold your whole pipe under water and put a heaping Tbsp in AFTER you filled it with water. Mix it in well then leave your pipe in for a day. It generates heat like a strong acid so always add it to water and not water to it.

    Like new when you take it out and rinse it off. If there are a few bits left the will come off easy with a Q-tip or pipe cleaner.

    Very caustic so be careful with it! Wear glasses at least and if any gets on your skin wash it off right away. Caustic burns are nasty. Not poisonous and rinses off clean. Cheap like borscht too. :)
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  4. is isopropyl alcohol easy to find at grocery stores?
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  5. okay cool this sounds easy. Lye Soda. And after it's done soaking I just dry it off with paper towels and it's all good to use?
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  6. Yes or drug stores. The higher the percentage the better although it should all still work. Soak the piece in it and shake it around as needed. Make sure you wash it off.

    ALL you need is alcohol and salt (and you don't even really need the salt but it helps a lot when a piece is really dirty). Btw it's a bubbler technically not a bong.
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  7. Not in most. You want pure ISO but as ISO is nothing but a form of alcohol something simple like methyl hydrate, (wood alcohol), can do the same job and is available in 99.9% purity in most hardware stores. Like borscht, it's cheap.

    Something like 70% ISO won't do much against nasty bong goo.
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  8. Just rinse it out and start smoking. Paper towels leave lint everywhere.
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  9. nah i will probably try the lye soda and see how that works. If for some reason I can't find any I might turn to the wood alcohol.
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  10. Ah thank you "my lil bubbler"! lol I don't usually use this I roll backwoods mainly but lately I've been trying to clean it so I can use it more often and man nothing works! I'm going to try the Lye soda method mentioned in the thread and if that doesn't work I will just do alcohol and salt like you are saying. Soak, Shake, Wash off. Easy as that.
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  11. If someone had $20,000 cash in front of you and they said they would give it to you if you ate a fistful-sized clump of bong goo would you do it?
  12. Of course. I'll eat a pound of bong goop and grab my money stoned af in the process.
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  13. Absolutely. No question about it.
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  14. My water pipe today. I've had this pipe for 10 years at least and use it a lot.

    After an overnight soak in caustic.

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  15. damn, looks like the lye really does work. fa sho trying that this week. thanks!
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  16. That's so gross haha. It wouldn't even be chewy it would be like thick tar and it would get in between your teeth/gums. Lmao.
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  17. No shit eh!

    If someone wants money for sucking goo I got a pipe you can suck on that might gag you but won't get stuck in your teeth and $20 I could spare. perv.gif
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  18. That sounds like you should be on a different type of forum board lol.
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  19. Smoking pot and sex is the BEST! Doing acid and fooling around is even better. ;)
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  20. Doing anything on acid is fun. Smoking weed on acid is simply harmonious. Having sex on acid is unfathomable. These are the truths.
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