Any ideas on a homemade bong, I want to make one?

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  1. Hey, I need some tips on making a homemade bong, I'm using a 2-liter pop/soda bottle but I have no idea what to use for the bowl and down-stem. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. You know it's like $15 for a mini bong at a shop right?
  3. I know but marijuana is illegal where Im from.
  4. Bongs/pipes are everywhere at gas stations and tobacco shops.
  5. Wrong all wrong.

    Get a zebra pen. Remove internals. The bowl is the pen tip.
    Electrical tape. It stretches, easy air tight

    Get one of those small coke bottles that's made to like look like a foot ball and shit.
    Now insert pen into side of bottle. Get one of those wide bendy baseball mug straws. Insert in mouth and then into side of standard coke bottle.

    Tape the two together for support. Wrap that whole bitch up.

    Bad ass double bubbler

    Fun to be 12 again eh
  6. Yea. Let's smoke some plastic.


    Order one online or any head shop. It's illegal here and things and pipes are every where.
  7. Or wrap foil a few times around a pen. Pull out pen. After flaring bowl.

    Note if using the toilet paper sized sheets of foil in the back of taco bell for the mini quesadilla. They are lightly corrugated. Careful.

    Ahhh the beauties of high school
  8. Why not just spend a few bucks and order a piece?
  9. Use the plastic outer sleeve of an ink pen for your downstem. Use aluminum foil for your bowl.

    Bwahahahah I am full of shit. Don't do that. The plastic will melt and give you lung cancer and the aluminum foil with make you post all day everyday for hours and hours and hours on GC forums.
  10. seriously, just buy a bong ffs. If worse comes to worse, use metal downstem and bowl or glass. Anything else will fuck your lungs up.
  11. Cheap $3 pipes $20 bongs and Reggie

    Are better
    Than ripping guts out a wood tip black and mild you picked up off the street for a one hitter with dro
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  12. I used to smoke out of that pen and socket downstem setup for years, My favorite was probably a socket in a bottle cap to use for a gravity bong bowl, Pretty sure there's universal caps with built in bowls now. Yeah, it's most likely bad for you. But when you're young and stupid you look for anything lol. I wouldn't do that now just because I can have all the glass I want. But if I had to, I'd probably make it again.
  13. I used to just get a 15mm socket, shove it into a pen, shove that pen into a bottle at a 45 degree angle, fill with water, tape any air holes, toke up! But the taste of plastic and metal is not worth it. Homemade bongs usually don't work well and can be unhealthy. Just spend a few bucks to get a bubbler or a small bong. You won't regret it. At the least, purchase a downstem and bowl so you can stick that into bottles. Cheers

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