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Any Ideas? :d

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Toking Sam, May 31, 2013.

  1. Me and a couple friends are going down to the river tomorrow and were planning on buying an ounce, any ideas you guy can give me? Like what we shoud do with the amount. Theres about 5 people in total btw

    Thanks in advance :p

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  2. Bring a bong and smoke it!
  3. you should smoke it.
  4. Papers and a nice glass bong
  5. Make some brownies with half of it and roll joints with the other half and divide everything evenly between y'all
  6. put it in a jar and look at it. makes ya feel high and saves it.
  7. dont forget to inhale
  8. Give it to me and ill light it on fire

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  9. Blunts and joints
  10. Make it into a ounce cheech and chong blunt :smoke: 
  11. Blunts/joints and i'd make some BHO or edibles. Yummy
  12. I made some browines and a friend made some Bho with some extra he have and a bunch of joints. It shall be a good day, Thanks people haha

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  13. toke out my man, get super trippy
  14. Roll up 56 half gram joints and smoke them all

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