Any Ideas as to this?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Wizard of Oz, Jun 21, 2002.

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  1. Got one friend of mine who\'s friend has this growing. Any educated guesses as to it\'s origins or anyone want to add a name?
  2. that shit looks damn scarey
  4. damn, looks like u took a normal pic into paintbrush and put the white spray all over it....if thats real....goddamn!
  5. Glenn\'s Salty Weed =P
  6. No tricks involved. I have seen similar before over the years, just not as predominant as this. That being the reason I am asking if anyone knows why or what strain it is? Could it just be a freak of nature.

  7. I waited to see,,who else could see,,,now we know don\'t we,,,,,tsk tsk he.....

    \"It\'s better to be thought of a fool,,,than to opens ones mouth(or plagorize a bud pic) and remove all doubt\"

  8. I have no clue what the fuck that monster is..but you guys better clone that son of a bitch till theres no tomorrow!...keep whatever genetic mutations that suckers got ALIVE!!!!

  9. Oh well fuck this then!..MAN! gettin me all aroused for nothing like that! talk about major blue hash balls.... :eek:
  10. shit you growin that in kansas? if so bring me some!
  11. yes i know the name of that one....... F...ING CHRON!
  12. ooh you better Pass that Shit
  13. Is this plant indoors? Is the humidity and temp a bit high?
    Have you experimented with mushroom growing? Fungi and rusts on plants are quite common in certain conditions and locations. I\'m not an expert but your pic makes me want to take a piece of your plant to the lab.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  14. guys, read all the posts, its a bullshit pic, he got it off another need to be postin here, except to bitch at him for teasing us
  15. Say NuBBin....... wouldn\'t it be fun to imagine the possability of an ergot that would yeild a product of a combination of
    LSD-25 and THC, be kinda exotic. I smoked and thought about it for awhile and saw some hilarious possabilities in the chemical chains.
    By the way , your job settin up a swap meet sounds like a deal.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  16. if there were such a drug..I would horribly terrified by it....yet perversely drawn to it at the same time.....
  17. i thought that pic looked familar to me. And he knows hes been caught because he hasnt said anything since nightmareb busted him lol.
  18. thats real cheecky, why dont u try gettin some bud of ur own instead of off the good weed sites u faker go get some real grow knowledge
  19. It\'s only here now as a reminder....

    On to the real buds.....

    Grasscity.....#1city on the Web...

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