Any idea WTF this is?

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  1. I just yanked this nasty thing from under a lilac tree in my backyard. Next to my small pine tree.

    I assume it's some dandelion variation, but I'm having no luck with google.

    What do you guys think?

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  2. Some kind of thistle?
  3. Thistle. Hmm.
    I'll try to google that. Lol.

    I'm just glad I saw it. And didn't step on it.
  4. Thanks for the lead on thistle.

    Either it's Bull or Spear thistle. I'm no expert. Only comparing pics and a bit of reading.
    Both live in my province.

    Thanks again. I learned something.

    (always learning from the GC community. Funny eg?)
  5. i learned about it from working around it. Definitely more uncomfortable than google ;)

    Star Thistle has been taking over Cali foothills for decades.

    And yes, you can learn a lot at the City. Such a wide diversity of people. Gotta love Blades!
  6. Im just glad I saw it. Could have hurt myself or my kids. My dog likes to bite dandelions. Glad he didnt find it.
  7. That's definately a weed you want to fully remove when you see it

    You can also use an organic weed killer ~ here's a simple recipe

    20% Vinegar + 2 oz orange oil + 1 tablespoon biodegradable dish soap

    This mix will work in a sprayer w/o clogging it

    + rep

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    Thanks for the recipe. Is this safe to use around my garden? Tomatoes, beens, broccoli and cucumbers?
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    ^^^^^ Totally organic and safe to use near crops and is safe around pets, too.....

    But it stings if you get it in the smallest cut

    Keep it away from children's hands

  10. i have a question..with auto flowering seeds do u do 12/12 all the way through or how does it work
  11. ^^^^^with auto~flowering ruderalis, you can keep the lights at 18/6 [18 hr on and 6 hrs off] for the entire will actually icrease the yield.....

    Make sure you keep at least 6 hrs of darkness thru the entiire grow

  12. i thank u u have just like saved my whole investment.........i wuld give u a blunt but im outta weed......time to go down the street
  13. thistle like that overgrow my nextdoor yard. They can grow 10 feet tall when crowded together. with ample conditions, each individual leaf can reach about 2 square feet.

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