Any idea whats happeneing with this plant?

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  1. Hello. I'd consider my self a novice grower. I would say Ive been lucky In not to run into any problems. But something is wrong with my last crop. The pic attached shows the problem.
    I put my well rooted clones into Dr .Earth seed and cutting starter soil as I have for several years. I never have added nutes during this part of the grow. After a couple weeks they started to get bigger. They started to turn into what the pic shows and slowed growing. They were big enough to transplant into my 15 gallon pots that are full of Ocean Forest. Like Ive said Ive done this method for years with great results. I was hoping the "food" in the fresh soil will provide enough to bring them back to good health. A week later and they still look like their lacking something or possibly have root rot. Thanks for reading and love to hear your thoughts

  2. All i can say is that looks like nutrient burn.
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  3. Anytime you transplant you should use a transplanting agent like Super is a great stress reducer and always gives my plants the kick they need when transplanting to reduce stress and keep them booming.
    15 gallon pots seem ridiculously large especially for those size plants...but to each their own but your plant should be growing wildly with that amount of space for roots to move.
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  4. haha yeah 15 gals are huge but the the girls end up huge! As are as nute burn I haven't fee them anything....
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  5. Could be a Zinc deficiency
  6. Maybe zinc looks similar, very strange. The tips do look burned and curled up though
  7. Any idea what the temps at? what lights are you using and how close?
  8. What are your temps? I run into a similar problem during the winter when it is harder to keep my room up to temp. But personally that problem does not show up until the room has been under 50f for over a week. Sent from the DEA raid van outside your house using the Grasscity Forum app
  9. whats your ph?
  10. You need to get your pH got lock out
  11. Well, it sounds like it's nutrient burn (even though you haven't added any), root rot (?), because you didn't use a "transplanting agent" (lol), because your pots are ridiculously too big, because you have a Zinc deficiency or because you're locked out.

    At least you know what it is now.

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  12. Looks like zink deficiencySent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. vitamin b1 is good for transplanting
  14. Diagnosed :cool: good job man
  15. I'm really just kidding.


  16. I figured :p although i'm going with 1 or all of those 3 as the most likely cause.
  17. temps are 73 55% humidity
    Yea I can go to the nursery in the summer and get a 7 foot fruit tree with apples or pears growing on them in a 3 gallon pot.
    Huge pots are a common noob mistake.
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    Yup putting small plants into huge pot will actually mess a plant up
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  20. Can you elaborate please? I run 12 gallon pots as a matter of course and the new plants are transplanted from beer cup directly into the 12's.

    I had no idea I was messing my plants up all these years.


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