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  1. So I'm growing a plant I build at grow box with everything is going great just curious what happened with the leaves... so this is day 4 of its life outside the soil and the sucker leaves are trying to point straight up at the light I've never had this happen before also the first set of jagged leaves looks like the tips got stuck together somehow any ideas how this could happen? Some info of course I know it's not the best but I'm using regular miracle grow soil, 125w cfl 2 inches above plant at all times, watered once when planted.i added some more soil after growth and misted that soil...using 18-6 light cycle I have more lights to add once there is room to add them... I'm in the process of getting a ph tester but for now I'm using tap water left out for a week or more by now please let me know what you think

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  2. A better look at the pinched leaves

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  3. Plant just looks like its reaching for the light to me. Maybe just move your light a little closer. The only other thing I can think of is maybe not the best genetics.
  4. Well that's what I thought but I work all day so I can't leave it too close in case it grows into it that's why I leave it at 2 inches above the plant and what do you think about the other sets of leaves like what would have caused the leaves to stick together or whatever happened
  5. Around 74
  6. No guessing.... The light is too close. It's stretching itself up like that to reduce surface area and avoid the heat/intensity of the light. move the light a few inches away

    if you cant hold the sensitive part of your wrist under the light at that distance for 30 seconds without getting too warm, the plant doesnt like it either.
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  7. Ok thanks I was always under the impression the closer the better just without touching or being to hot on finger never heard the wrist thing
  8. seedlings are particularly sensitive

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