Any idea what these bugs are?

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  1. Hi all. I've got alot of these white crawling bugs in my soil but don't know what they are, if they're harmful to plant, how to get rid of them without chemicals if they are? I've searched and searched and closest I can find is springtails but they jump apparently and mine don't at all, only crawls. Worms and hypoaspis miles are all living fine and healthy so kind of stumped what to do. IMG_20160510_210647.jpg IMG_20160510_210647.jpg
  2. No ideas from anyone?
  3. Can't see anything

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  4. Really hard to get clear picture, there are 2 white bugs in picture. In middle of pic the white long things next to each other.
  5. Can see what looks like 2 antannae on one of them if that helps spot them
  6. Fungus gnats will leave larvae that are white and eat your roots.

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  7. Not fungus gnat larvae as they are worm like according to pics I've seen. These almost look like tiny white Slater bugs but they aren't obviously. They dont fly, look almost like they have a harder body then larvae do and have 2 antannae. any more suggestions?
  8. I'm now 99% sure they are blind springtails. Supposedly beneficial in a way for organic gardening and don't harm roots.
  9. It looks like spring tails like you said. They are good for your soil as that proves that your soil has decaying matter and is thriving with life haha. Good luck bro.
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