Any idea what strain this is?

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    Hey, first time grow attempt got some seeds from a friend and got one female from 3 sprouts. Now that it's starting to flower I was wondering if anyone could tell me what strain it is?

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  2. cannabis
  3. It's a sativa dominant but it's not possible to tell the strain from that pic, we would have to have a better pick,smell,texture,how it grew. That kinda stuff.
  4. lol....not this again...

  5. Ok cool, I didn't think anybody could pick it out exactly but that's more info than I had before. Thanks man. :)

    The grow was pretty amateur, spent almost two months from seed to present state just growing on an east facing balcony. I got a closet setup as of yesterday on a 12/12 timer with a 400w mh and an agrosun full-spectrum bulb. (I know I'm not gonna win any greenthumb awards but it's just for fun)

    Doesn't have much smell. As for texture not too sure what you're looking for but the leaves feel somewhere between paper and leather.
  6. Awww dude...

    It's space weed.

  7. :rolleyes: Come on lets at least try to give him some answers, OP in my experience and the info you have given me it sound like easy rider.

  8. As I said in another reply. As of this picture it was all outdoors on an east-facing balcony. Now I've moved it inside.

  9. Thanks for that. :cool:

  10. Why and to what? From what I've read 12/12 is best for flowering...

  11. Well it wasn't getting a full 12 hours of direct sunlight on the balcony so I was worried about shocking it when moving inside. What were you thinking though 13 or 14 hours?
  12. I apologize, just being light-hearted.

  13. Ok well it's in a closet but I'll keep that in mind. I don't usually have a lot of lights on in my room at night anyways.
  14. the OP needs to read some stickies...
  15. Not White Widow. Pretty sure about it too. ;) :p

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