Any idea what kind of deficiency this might be?

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  1. Thanks for your help hive mind. I’m running a recirculating dwc system with the flora series 3 part, Cal mag, armor silica, diamond nectar, and liquid cooled bloom. I’m right about during the fourth week of flower.

    Some more info about my grow: Light is a fluence spydr x plus. Temps and humidity are good. 70s and 50s, respectively. I have constant monitoring with the blue lab guardian meter showing about 900-1450 ppm. I’ll feed again when it is 900 or so. It is getting fed by a fresh ro water tank to top of automatically.

    As always, any help is appreciated.
  2. leaves curling under usually is a bit to much N ,and browning tips on the leaves too are another sign of to much N,but apart from that plant/s look good &healthy,,,mac,
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  3. Thanks Mac I’ll try to do that and back off the nitrogen and see what happens. I was thinking it was maybe a deficiency but that makes sense because the flora series seems to have a lot more N than usual during the flowering formula.. I noticed it states to add 7.5 ml per gallon of micro, which does have a lot of N in it.. interesting
  4. Oh I forgot to ask, should I cut the funky leaves off? Or just leave them? They are on a number of tops..
  5. Ok will do thanks bro!
  6. Leaving them is better.

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