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Any idea what kind of bud I have?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BongHitsAndAcidTrips, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392227774.148213.jpg it smells very fruity, and tastes piney/earthy. The high is pretty average in all areas


    -dry mouth
    -slightly dry eyes

    -relieves anxiety

    Any idea? Or is it still near impossible/inaccurate to guess
  2. Could be a Kush or a Haze
    I was under the impression that kush was generally indica and haze is sativa. They're also very broad terms so that could confuse OP. Please don't give information you aren't at least pretty sure about.
  4. even with all that information man, its still damn near impossible to figure out. herb affects everyone differently, just enjoy!
  5. if it relives anxiety then its defiantly not a full sativa so your looking at probably a hybrid or indica but since ur telling me u feel happy and uplifted the money is on a hybrid 50 indica 50 sativa 
  6. haha I was pretty sure that was the case, thanks anyway
  7. Op you've been here long enough to know we can't tell  you what strain it is! :hippie:
  8. That being said, it looks like a nice nugg.  Is that hemp wick in the background?
  9. yea haha I thought it was worth a try haha. And yea it's hemp wick
  10. At first glance I thought it was where you kept your stash haha.  That's a massive amount of hemp wick yo...which reminds me i need to pick up some more.
  11. that 100 ft ball cost me 12$ haha
  12. the bushy character is associated with indica dominant strains. Which is always a good smoke, especially when the buds are super dense like that
  13. The type of strain you should smoke, enjoy, and not worry about! ^_^ :smoke:

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