Any idea what is causing this?

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    Ok, I just have one plant, and I am sort of trying to learn on it more than anything right now. I grew this from a seed I found in a bag of purple kush. I am growing in soil (schultz premium potting soil plus 0.08-012-0.08), about 2 inches from the light (2 35w 2500 lumen flouro) in my closet. They are 5-6 months old. I have watered them about every second day, with 7.0 ph water. It's room temp about 72 F and low humidty. The pot is a foot wide and a foot deep.

    I had some thrips causing me some problems, at first I couldn't figure out what they were, and once I did they had done a bit of damage on the lower/older leaves, aka shiny spots etc.

    I went to the store and bought some bio friendly pesticide (Green Earth Bio Mist Insect Killer) that was for indoor use and claimed to rid plants of thrips. I mixed it 10:1 with water and sprayed it on my plants, two days later I have this happening.....

    Other info: My PH I have only measured with a analog PH meter and it's about 7.5-8. I realize this is above ideal, and intend to fix it, does this damage look anything like a PH imbalance or something else, thanks.
  2. Hi.

    I had a look and Im torn between damage from
    the spray vs Ph.

    I also wanna tell u to get rid of the soil and the
    nutes, but I wont. Reason being - it seems to
    be working out, save for the minor damage.

    Eventually tho, that Ph is gonna sneak up on
    the plant, and present itself rather harshly.

    Do u intend on flowering it or is it gonna be
    a mom ??? Cuz at 5 or 6 months old, she
    is just rarin to go.

    My advice to u is to get it used to a lower ph.
    I would start watering with 6.0 ph water, until
    it falls within the range of 6.3 - 6.8.

  3. Well I have been looking around, and my PH estimate might be way off because I used a analog soil tester, and I have read they aren't accurate. I plan on buying a digital ph tester soon. I have had no problems aside from the thrips, until I used that spray so I would say my PH is probably less likely than the spray damage. You said get rid of the nutes? I never listed any did I, but I have been using Miracle Grow 24-8-16, no good?

    Do you think that will be ok, or is it gonna effect my plant a lot? Also I am unsure about starting to flower it because it's still pretty weak looking and it's and indica so it won't grow much after veg from what I heard.

    Here is a picture of the full plant, it's not ready to flower is it?
    View image: photo (3)
  4. No where near flower time lol.

    Are u sure its 5 - 6 months old :eek: ???

    Is this the stuff u used ??? If it is, its a good product.
    Totally organic Pyrethrin. Very safe.

    The 10:1 ratio u used - is that concentrate to water,
    or vice versa ???


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    Ya, it is about 4-5 months old, since just after x-mas, but I had them under barely any light, it was just a 40w standard bulb in a desk light so their growth has been stunted. About 4 days ago I got the shop light with two 48 inch 32w T8 flouros.

    That is the exact product I used, and I mixed it water to concentrate. 500ml to 50ml concentrate. So you're saying it's safe? Could it still have caused that damage or am I looking at a ph or nute issue?

    I am looking for overall advice on this plant, I realize I had no clue what I was doing, and still don't but I want to finish this off, is it worth it trying to adjust PH and balance nutes on this and then letting it veg longer and then flower it, or am I wasting my time?
  6. Its up to u wether or not u wanna make a go of it.

    IMO it would be a shame to get her this far and then
    just let her go to pot lol :p. Notice Im saying She.
    Maybe it is.

    Me, Id get her in shape and then let er rip.

    Its a Ph and nute problem. U need more light too.
    At least 100w of 6500k, to be exact. If u wanna
    make a go of it...

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    Ok thanks. Any suggestions on how to bring down my ph, since there is many I have read. And yes I am planning on getting some CFT's going soon for more output. So does the lumen output matter, or as long as I have 100w of 6500k I should be ok?
  8. There are many products out there that will
    bring down Ph. Most noteably Ph UP, and
    Ph DOWN. They work well. If u are strapped
    and in a tight spot, u can use lemon/lime
    juice or white vinegar as a stand in. But u
    shouldnt make a habit of it.

    Oh yes, its all about lumens/sq ft.
    100w minimum 6500k CFLs.
    But load them on if ya want as the
    more light = better potency budz
    and a better root mass.


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