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Any idea what’s wrong with this plant??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MedicatedWarrior235, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Posted this in the Indoor forum but nobody has responded..

    They’re in day 15 of flower. They’re actually my friends plants, so he uses FoxFarm nutes. Grow Big, Big Bloom, and he’s using Tiger Bloom. Under a 600W Vispectra LED panel hung at ~20 above the canopy. Growing in soil.

    I suggested that it could be die back, since until recently it was shaded by other plants. Any ideas? Perhaps some kind of deficiency? [​IMG]

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  2. the burnt tips of the leaves usually means plants got nute burn ,,,and dark leaves looks hes feeding a bit to much N nute while in flower ,,mac,,,
  3. I’ve addressed the nute tip burn already, he’s concerned about the coloration of the budding areas. They seem to looks little yellowish/brownish.

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  4. its probably caused by the some thing mate that caused the burnt tips after week or so it should get better ,but keep an eye on the buds ,if it does get worse come back here and post more closer pictures of the buds ,thanks,mac,
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  5. Alrighty lol. Thanks. I also had him double check the light distance and they were a bit further away than he originally told me. So fixed that issue too. Should be solid all the way around. Thanks again.

    This is why it’s so nice growing with zero bottled nutes lmao I never have to go thru this bs with my ladies

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