Any idea in how to incorporate this desk into my room?

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    I got this desk from work it's a really nice one and I sanded it/ repainted it and everything.. As you can see their are plenty of power recepticles build into it.. I want to really start my clones on their some how.. Build a cloning Machine to fit perfectly. Or somthing. Any advice would be much appreciated :) image.jpg
  2. put the lighting under the shelf that ur nutes are on and make a sliding door frame for glass or plexi and put it in front of that shelf u could fit like 15 in there all lined up then its like a terrarium u can watch  n u still gota whole desk there WITH GOOD LIGHTING ALREADY
  3. That's exactly what I'm thinkin.. I wonder what kind of light would be the most edficient for the little guys. And when plants are in the cloner do they need lights ontop of them still? I want to put a cloner and a light in their.. Or I might just have to get a dome n start from seeds every time Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Could i just use a regular humidity dome to start clones with the little cube mediums in them? Or would i have to use one of those misters.. I plan on growing in soil. I see all kinds of misting cloning machines.. Just wondering if a small light and humidity dome under the top shelf would get it done.. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. idk man idrk much about cloning i know that u just trim off the plant n use somme rooting hormonee
  6. I don't think plexiglass would be a good idea. Unless you will be running 24h a day of light. Because it will let light go tru it, and may stress clones, if they get light, when there was supposed to be total darkness.
    What I recommend as lights for clones, would be T5, wich, can fit in that desk. Now that I'm thinking further, you could use the plexi glass, but you would have to paint it, and I would recommend both sides.
    You should keep the humidity there, pretty high, clones like almost 100% of relative humidity in the firsts days, and then, you should lower it progressively until you reach 70%. As you said, you should also use  rooting hormone. And when you make your cuttings, remenber to make them in a 45º angle, and cutting like 3mm or 1/8 of an inch, in the bottom in a upward movement, so you can get even more area, where roots may come off and without hurting the clone much.

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