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Any idea how possibly potent these were?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by redman1992, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I took 3.5 ounces of trim and 2 sticks of butter and made cannabutter. After the butter was made I baked the butter into two batches of fruity pebble rice krispie treats. I sold some to a few of my patients and they reported a high anxiety feeling and paranoia. Probably gonna lower the dosage but first I would like to know what the dosage currently is?

    Edit: Batch of rice krispies was made by 16 oz. of marshmallow and half of cereal. There were 10 pieces per batcch.
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    98g total plant matter, 3% THC for trim? Maybe? That's generous...

    3%*98=2.94g of THC total

    2,94g THC

    1.47g THC per stick

    1.47g THC per edible plate
    /10 (10 edibles per stick of butter)
    .147g THC per edible

    That's being generous assuming it's around 3% THC in that. (I'm really not familiar with trim, I've never seen a plant/investigated in to it. Substitute the .03 in the 98*.03 for whatever number/idea of THC % in trim, I figure 3% is fair, no?)

    In retrospect, if you made a 1g dank firecracker, averaging 13% THC (that's normal in Cali, or medicinal areas, right?) 1 serving, that'd be .13g of THC

    There's a nice comparison.

    1% THC in trim = .049g THC per edible
    2% THC in trim = .098g THC per edible
    (keep adding .049 to get the percentages upward from there :) )

    And of course the amount of THC in them varies from piece to piece, where the THC was absorbed/placement of it in the final amount.
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  3. Haha I think I went a bit overkill :p.

    Thank you adderall ;)
  4. I'd imagine some small close to the bud trim to be about 5-6 percent...
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    Really? Hot damn, I always hear people bashing on trim and how there's no point in keeping it except to make hash, and even then the yields are minimal.

    I assumed too low :p.

    .049 * 5 = .245g THC per edible
    .049 * 6 = .294g THC per edible

    *That's about 2g of dank, give or take a few tenths of a gram depending on THC content.

    Or, 85% is 3% THC, we can say the remaining 15% are 6% THC.

    83.3 grams is 3% THC = 2.499g THC


    14.7 is 6% THC = .882g THC


    3.381 total grams of THC
    Divided by
    1.6905 Per stick of butter,

    1,6905 divided by 10
    = .16905g of THC per edible

    So, about 1-1.3g of high quality marijuana (averaging 12-16%) per edible, if it's 14% THC (the median of the numbers) it's 1.2g of high quality marijuana.
  6. Soberish now.

    Still makes sense. I'm proud.

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