Any idea how long to veg indoors?

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  1. What’s up everybody, my name is, O.Z. and I’m back again with another question. I recently just purchased an LED light for my babies and was just wondering, how long should I keep them in veg for this season?
    Now, before anyone misreads this, I am well aware you can veg as long as you want indoors until you put them on a flowering cycle. But my main worry is:
    I will be planting outdoors this season, as soon as the sprouts reach optimal health. But with solstice already past, when would be a good time to place them outdoors permanently?
    I am fairly new to growing, and nonetheless, outdoor growing as well. So I’m not sure what day of the month I should plant outside in my area. I live on the West Coast, Nor Cal to be exact. So I know the season cuts a little shorter than Southern California.
    So if anyone has any experience going from indoor to outdoor, preferably in this climate, but doesn’t have to be -feel free to leave a reply. I’m just worried about planting too late and having my sprouts flower too early on me.
    So any knowledge on this, will be of use to me.
    Thanks, again, GC.
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  3. 1st of May seeds can be started outside. Takes about 30 days for the new seedling to become light aware and by then it's June 1st and prime grow time.

    The month before and the month after June 21 (longest day of the year) are the 2 dependable outside veg months.

    Aug 1st or shortly after the days have shortened enough to trigger flower. Harvest 10-12 weeks later mid Oct to Halloween. Sativa can run clear to Christmas if it doesn't freeze where you are.

    If you start before May1st inside you need to run 15-9 or 16-8 as that is best for moving outside June 1st. That is the closest time match to outside.
    The other way is to light them up outside and hold them in veg artificially.
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  4. Thanks for summing it up. I’ll see if I can try to work that schedule in due time. I already planted outdoors rather late and the seedlings didn’t make it :(
    I’ll put them on 15 - 9 while they are vegging inside more then likely. I don’t believe in 24-0 I think the girls need their sleep. I think, for my area, shortened days start the first week or so of August, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind while I veg my girls indoor. I’m also gonna give them a nice regimen of sun gradually after I think they are well off enough, so they don’t get stunted outside. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.

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