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Any idea how high this edible will get me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Helljumper, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So the other day, I picked up a brownie from a dispensary. I ate about 3/4 of it. It took a while to kick in (about a hour and a half) but then I got very high (it was a good high) before falling asleep within the next hour or so.

    So I have 1/4th of the brownie left. Based on how high 3/4 of the brownie got me, is there any way to tell if only a quarter of the brownie will even do anything for me? I'm trying to debate if I should even eat it or just save it for the next time I have a brownie.

    I'm relatively new when it comes to edibles so I don't really know what to expect when eating a small dosage. If I only smoke a little bit, I'll usually get high but it just doesn't last very long. Does the same apply to edibles? If the quarter brownie isn't enough, will my high just not last as long or will I not get high at all?
  2. 2/10, just eat it, would be a waste to chuck it
  3. Doesn't really work that way with edibles. Save it for next time you smoke or get more edibles
  4. 2/10 eat it
  5. I'm a little confused lol, is 2/10 a scale of how high I'll get? I don't think that's enough to warrant me eating it lol.

    I think I'm just gonna pick up another brownie tomorrow and then eat 1/4th of the new brownie with the 1/4th brownie I already have. That way I'll still have 3/4ths of my new brownie so I'll be able to get high twice.

  6. That's an odd amount to eat. Why not half?
  7. Do that, pickup another, eat 1/4 of the new one and eat the old 1/4 from the first brownie. Or you could just eat all of it...

  8. Well the first time I ate it, I was worried that half would be too little and all of it would be too much so I settled on 3/4ths. So now, I'm stuck with a quarter of a brownie, so after I pick up another one, I'm gonna have to split that up in some weird way as well. (So after I pick up, I'll have 1.25 brownies. I'll probably have .75 of it tomorrow night and save the other half for the weekend).

  9. Your logic makes so much sense ahah for real :smoking:

    If you get another whole brownie, eat half and smoke, and then a separate time eat half and smoke again.

    Or eat all of the brownies and shit yourself.
  10. i'd munch that shit, or save it and wait until a time when I was dry and really wanted to get high. but i'd probably munch that shit right now if i had it.

  11. Lol, well my first experience with edibles, I ate a full brownie and I was scared shitless over every little thing after about an hour. Not doing that again haha.

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