Any horrocore type fans wanna listen?

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  1. [ame=]phILLy- souL - YouTube[/ame]

    hello, names tommy, drinkin all the saki he
    thinkn bout a hobby that doesn't involve robbery
    i took a wrong turn, burned the wrong bridges
    i never dream anymore my songs finished

    mister, I gotta proposal for ya thoughts
    become like me and we can take over the charts
    aww..then we take over their hearts and minds
    only as long as your soul stays part of mine

    who's voice is it now im annoyed a bit
    i keep hearin somethin but whats the fuckin point of this

    stop avoidin me, get aboard ya dreams
    and maybe later you'll be able to afford tha cream
    that it takes to be at the top of the crop
    ill take you soo high even rockets will stop

    stop it, i don't needa prophet for a profit
    from a goblin who's sobbin for leavin god in a top spin
    demon do not creep ima heathen who's seein
    a breathin reason to start preachin in the early evenin

    sorry that your blasphemous sorry that you rather live,
    passionless like half the kids who say raps hazardous
    then wrap it in a bag and call it crack n shit
    i'm not havin it, story of a star turned asterisk

    so who's ass I gotta kiss to be the best
    im tired of writing lines from the heart of my chest
    pardon my flesh ripped, part of the rest split
    my death is a head skip away from suicide
    what the fuck do i gotta lose, im blue inside

    that away tommy took a turn for the worse
    now your mine, but you can have it all on the earth
    riches, bitches, ya whole crew givin
    you daps, i told you that livin in crack

    but you can have it back, im tired of the fame
    and shit im still depressed and more money hasn't changed
    nuthin, i stayed blunted but the fans won't stop
    harrassin me, i'd say this was more of a tragedy

    It's actually not you see i got ya soul
    now take a seat and let the rest of ya life unfold

    wait, i didn't mean it, i was just seen if
    god could help me,

    he can't help you genious
    you sold your soul to those who oppose jesus
    and know you wanna go back to him, too bad
    you shoulda read the fine print,

    screw that
    I've been a victim, someone will come for me

    Whatever you say to make yourself sit comfortably
    but nobody in this whole world will ever summom me
    u wanted everything any everybody praises you
    cuz god and his son aren't coming to save you
  2. cmon somebody has to want to express their opinion
  3. Yeah, it sucks

  4. can't please rryone my man
  5. I do not like it, but I am glad that you are making something.

  6. little bit of an experiment, thanks for the feedback.
  7. that's shit good dude.
    that experimental speed changing and voice alterations are pretty sweet.

  8. thanks for the good words my man, share the vid if you'd be so kind.
  9. I actually posted in on facebook before you even replied with that. Liked and favorited on youtube too.
    Wait, so is that your work?

  10. yeah that's all me, written and produced, I have a lot of over 50 if you ever bored and wanna go through em..honestly this one is just one of my fuck around tracks.
  11. [ame=]phILLy-Pillow Case (Freestyle Outro) - YouTube[/ame]
  12. i actually liked that quite a lot man...the most of all your music you've posted. lyrics were dope and i liked your voice and you implemented the idea well. sick beat as well. keep at it :D

  13. thanks man..appreciate the words

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