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  1. I went out to give the ladies their weekly baths of neem and BT.
    I could hardly miss this damage... it is repairable?
    DSCN0456.JPG DSCN0458.JPG DSCN0459.JPG

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Open the bud up a pull out the caterpillar. Then look very closely at all the buds. Chances are that the catty's are so small that you'll miss them if not looking really close. You can gently open the buds and look.
  3. just amputate any brown growth.
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  4. It's likely a caterpillar that got snuggled up to a bud early on and is well protected in it's nest against eating BT treated leaf where it is.
    I've had this type of damage when I didn't start spraying BT early enough in the flowering stage. Stay on your treatments and just accept what damage you get. Lesson for next year to start BT while still in veg.

    BT and Green Cure every week FTW.
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  5. Thanks;
    I've been on 'your' weekly regimen pretty much from the get-go, but I imagine all the rain washes away the BT....
    Thanks, again.
  6. Sunlight is what destroys the BT if I remember. :)
    Even when I'm on my game and never miss a treatment I'll have a few burned buds like that. It's just part of growing outside. All we can do is limit the moths and their offspring numbers. My bug zapper works overtime and It'll be jammed with the dead every morning when I sweep it clean.

  7. Here in the midwest I get rot but never have caterpillars in my buds. We have a wet fall which is usually the cause for my bud rot. Snip it out before it gets worse and keep an eye out for more.
  8. Well, took took everyone's advice and I removed as much of the brown stuff that I could.
    I saw nothing that look like a caterpillar, but my eyesight....
    I'll report back, next week, on progress or otherwise.
    Thank you, all.
    I'm, pretty much, an organic grower; what happens, happens... it 'all' works out in the end, really.
    (I use Miracle-Gro in my planters)

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