Any Homemade Fertilizers That Are CHEAP?

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    Does anybody have any home made recepies for fertilizers that assist the plant with all the nutrients it needs through out Vegging and Flowering? Whether it's two different recepies or just one, it'd be a great help! I've heard Chicken Manure, Water, Urine and Grass Clippings are a good one but I'm not sure as to measurements and what not. I know to much Nitrogen (pee) can burn the plant if it's not watered down enough.. Anything helps, guys! Thanks!

  2. Google these items and look on youtube:

    FPE or FPJ (fermented plant extract/juice)

    LAB (lactic acid bacteria) lacto bacillus serum

    Botanical teas and dynamic accumulators

    Compost, vermicompost and leaf mold can all be made at home. (Vc after initial investment in worms)

    IMO or BIM (indigenous microorganisms/ beneficial indigenous microbes)

    Egg shells dissolved in vinegar for water soluble calcium

    Lots of these things have tutorials on youtube.... search prokashi
  3. That'll keep ya busy for awhile...

  4. Just what I was looking for guys, thank you so much. If anyone has any other suggestions please don't hesitate to post them still!

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