any hip hop heads out there?

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  1. 2 albums i've been bumping this week and would highly recommend...



    the first album is a tad more mainstream sounding, but that aceyalone album is incredible rjd2 kills it on production (what else is new?)

    but anyways, what have ya'll been listenin to this week?

    p.s. both albums have the best fucking songs about smoking...
  2. I wasn't a huge fan of RJD2's last solo release. Not sure what it was, but it just didn't tickle my fancy. I haven't listened to that second album, but I'll be sure to hit it up. Even the artwork on the first album is off-putting (not a mainstream guy ... don't even like the beats at all). I'm a jazz-esque hip-hop lover.

    I already posted this in a separate thread, but recently I have been jammin' Deep Thinkers, Foreign Exchange, People Under The Stairs, Jurassic 5 (Power In Numbers), ATCQ (Anthology), Edan, Quasimoto (aka Lord Quas), any album produced by Madlib, and Dangerdoom. Not goin' to lie, MF Doom is the shit. The Dangerdoom album is awesome for all you Adult Swim fans out there; Doom spits fuckin' fire on that record.

    On a separate note, I have also been really lovin' Jaga Jazzist's "A Livingroom Hush" and and K-Os's "Joyful Rebellion". The first group is an avant-garde jazz 9 piece (I think it's 9) that just floors me with some of their tracks. The later is just a flat out awesome record that brings together R&B, Dub, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and even some rock. Definitely two albums I recommend to any hip-hop lover because they are just inherently in the same vain.

    EDIT: I almost forgot! My favorite track about smokin' is America's Most Blunted by Madvillain (MF Doom & Madlib). Check out the lyrics on that track, and get ready to laugh (and actually relate). Check it!
  3. did you like since we last spoke? if you did, then deffinitly check out magnificent city.
    and yeah, power in numbers is one of my favorite J5 album.

    and you like edan? haha i thought i was the only person in the world who liked them. beauty and the beat is amaaaazing.

    i'm into pretty much everything you listen. you heard the new j dilla?

    oh and what do you think about prefuse 73? the books are playing here monday, i'm pretty stoked on it...

    and i'll check out the 2 albums you listed!
  4. i havent really been bumpin full CDs....but ive been listening to shit from Paposse, Dipset, E-40, Luda, Non Phixion, Immortal Techniuqe, Too Short, the Game, and some more. :smoke:

    * one track im really feelin is Common and Papoose - Rebel Muzik
  5. Yeah, the new J Dilla is amazing (RIP). The dude was a fuckin' genius. Edan makes me one happy man when I throw it on. Prefuse 73 is great, always lifts me pretty well. Have you checked ou the new Sound Directions? Damn dude, it's great. Also, so I am honest, I am not a huge RJD2 fan in the first place (*cringes*). Some tracks can really bring me around, but most of his stuff just doesn't rub me the right way.

    Also, kudos to the Non-Phixion and Immortal Technique plugs. Great shit! Definitely have also been keepin Lyrics Born bumpin' along with The Roots (I know, I know ... I love them too much to let go).

    I know this is a hip-hop thread, but I might as well see what else everyone is into. Seriously, I listen to so much music that I am sure we got somethin' in common, so drop some names of your favorite bands and artists no matter the genre. Unless thread author doesn't want that ... I'll respect.

    Personally, I have been jammin' these non Hip-Hop records (alot of it is pretty abrasive, so you may not want to check it out): City of Caterpillar "Self titled", Orchid "Totality", Beyond The Sixth Seal "Earth & Sphere", 88 Fingers Louie "Back On The Streets", Lifetime, The Black Dahlia Murder "Miasma", The Casket Lottery "Survival Is For Cowards", Man Man, Duke Ellington "Complete Works", Herbie Hancock "Maiden Voyage" & "Head Hunters", Pelican "Australasia", Damien Rice "O", Cinematic Orchestra, Engine Down "Demure", Harum "Self Titled", Etc. Damn that is a list ... haha.
  6. immortal technique is siiiick. he doesn't get the cred he deserves. and papoose is tight.

    i'm kinda sick of dipset and cam's shit.
  7. lyrics born is rad. and the roots are classic!

    i haven't been listening to much other than hip hop lately...alot of minus the bear today though. you guys into them? but yeah i will rock anything. hardcore, metal, thrash, indie, country. every kind of music has redeeming qualities! haha.
  8. I LOVE minus the bear. hahaha, I toked up listening to minus the bear the first day of summer last year the day after my high school graduation still dressed up in dress shirt and tie and everything. good times. and dartanianlives, you have an awesome taste in music, but I will stick to hip hop as that's what this thread is about.

    I'm into the following hip hop (Copy & Pasted from my myspace music section):

    Sage Francis; Aesop Rock; Sole; Cannibal Ox; A Tribe Called Quest; De La Soul; Little Brother; Copywrite; The Roots; Brother Ali; Dan The Automator; Del Tha Funkee Homosapien; RJD2; Zion I; Amp-Live; Lyrics Born; Gift of Gab; Blackalicious; Chali 2na; Why; Mos Def; Jedi Mind Tricks; Jurassic 5; Big Daddy Kane; Cut Chemist; DJ Shadow; Molemen; Ant; DJ Revolution; Grouch; Murs; Eligh; The Living Legends; Kid Koala; Soul Position; Swollen Members; Madlib; Quasimoto; Qwel; Maker; Typical Cats; Aceyalone; Denizen Kane; Atmosphere; Shape Shifters; M.F. Doom; Alias; Gorillaz; Eyedea; Black Eyed Peas; Kanye West; Common; Talib Kweli; Handsome Boy Modeling School; Danger Mouse; Dilated Peoples; Saul Williams; Red Tide; Immortal Technique; Hieroglyphics; Casual; Pep Love; Opio; C Ray Walz; Time Capsule; The Crest; Prefuse 73; The Books; Scott Herren; Hi-Tek; Dead Prez; Rhymesayers; Anticon; Spitkicker; Nature Sounds; Ra The Rugged Man; Glue; Masta Killa; Raekwon; Black Market Militia; Pharcyde; Cage; Bush Babies; Killah Priest; Rah Digga; Gangstarr; M.O.P.; Ghostface; Pharoahe Monch;

    Really been listening to Aesop Rock, Zion I, and Illogic a lot lately. Also, if you guys play any videogames/like basketball, check out the soundtrack for NBA 2K6. It's great.

  9. that acey cd is great stuff. his best and most consistant work the since freestyle fellowship days imo...

    k'naan - the dusty foot philosopher has been on repeat on my cd player for a few days. awsome african/world music inspired music. very unique and very good. he kinda sounds like one of the black eyed peas, except he's good....

    ive also been bumpin the new ghostface cd "fishscale" a lot and im going through another mos def phase right now...
  10. Ahh i've heard great things about that new ghostface album. I haven't got it yet I need to get on soulseek and get that shit!
  11. i was dissapointed...
  12. minus the bear is the BEST summer music. and yeah i listen to 90% of that stuff on your list :)
  13. shit you ain't lyin man. and i've been bumpin alot of talib kweli lately too,
  14. hmm, well I'll find out when I take a listen. oh, and I saw you talking about prefuse 73. scott heren is amazing. :]
  15. yeah, i saw them and intelekt last year, and the books are coming on monday! whoo hoo!
  16. its not as great as some people have been saying, but its still pretty solid.

    underwater is by far the best song of there. a complete headfuck...
  17. i thought Fishscale was so so.

    and ya, im also getting tired of dipsets shit...but a few songs are good.

    one song were juelz santana rips it is White Gurl off of E-40s new album.
  18. now, i love the new juelz album. is that new E-40 good? i've had it available for download, i just didn't think it would be all that good...
  19. Yessir ... I rock Minus The Bear on a consistent basis, except I put American Football on more often (when compared to MTB's older stuff). Menus El Oso definitely is a pretty genius record; I could never slam it ... plus, Matt Bayles is the shit. Most everything he touches turns to gold (ala Mastadon, Isis, etc). Your entire list has a place in my library, so I definitely give you props. Good, good tunes! May I suggest hittin' up Deep Thinkers and Foreign exchange ASAP considering the list you dropped. But, yeah ... I think you covered basic the spectrum of hip-hop that I personall love. I mean, there is older rap I jam, but what hip-hop fan doesn't jam classics once in awhile. A matter of fat, I was dropping Pharcyde on my iPod about 2 hours ago when I was walkin' down the street smokin' a couple blunts. I may just need to hit up Gift of Gab & Del La Soul when I go out in a couple hours to finish my sack (haha).

    We should start a "Hip Hop Lovers Who Finish Their Sacks within a Few Hours Club". God, I love just waking up, gettin' blazed all day, and listening to good hip-hop. Yet the best part is the whole iPod deal ... I just bring that baby with me over to the cafeteria and it's stoners paradise: burgers, waffles, 3 types of pizza, a desert bar, ice cream, cereal, bagels (if you dig bagels when you are high), burritos, usually some type of chinese dish, etc. Man, I' staying in college forever just for the fact I can go munch on whatever I want for "free", haha.

  20. i love american football. i just saw owen here a few weeks ago. and shit i was fucking high. and de la soul is ammaaaazing.

    everyone should check out my friend's band Look Mexico

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